Top 10 Best VPN Routers Of 2016


When you choose a VPN wireless router (Virtual Private Network), you have to consider a lot of points like device compatibility, bandwidth, concurrent connections, maintenance of user logs, encryption protocol and the like. You will have to purchase only that VPN, which is compatible with your operating platform. It does offer a great deal of data privacy, but it takes a while to set up, and not many users are comfortable with the installation process. This is where VPN routers come as a huge blessing. When you connect your device (smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) to this VPN router, your data will pass through only this channel and thus is not exposed to any risks. All you need to do is to connect your router to your VPN service provider. The router will take care of all other subsequent processes. Now that we understood the importance of choosing a good router let us see some of the leading routers available in the market today.

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