10 Easy Ways How A Hacker Can Hack Your Account




Hackers will try every possible way to get into your accounts. Awareness is your initial defense, thus we list below 10 of the easiest ways these hackers use to loot from you:

Hack #1: Facebook Phishing


Even Facebook can’t quite protect you from hackers. How do these crooks fool you on Facebook?

1. Hackers replicate the official Facebook login page and waits for you to go online.
2. They’ll send you a rather decent-looking email, asking you to log in on that fake page.
3. Once you bite and key in your credentials, these hackers record your email address and Facebook password.

Hack #2: Keylogging

Typing hands

Keylogging is an aggressive way to hack into someone’s Facebook. Even the most technical person can be unaware that a keylogger has been installed on their computer, making all of its contents available to the hacker. How is it done?

1. With a software keylogger that runs on your computer’s operating system, no matter
the version
2. With a hardware keylogger that’s connected to any of your hardware such as a
compromised device connected to your keyboard




Hack #3: Stealers

Hacker and virus concept

Ever let a browser store your password? It might be convenient, but you’re actually giving stealers access to browser where your passwords are saved. How to keep them out?

1. Start using a password manager instead. With this, you won’t have to be typing your
log-ins every time you need to. Besides, a password manager keeps your passwords safe.
2. Always ignore or click on “not now” whenever y our browser prompts you to “remember

Hack #4: Session Hijacking


When on an http:// connection, your browser cookie can be stolen. This cookie is important and should remain private as it is what’s used to authenticate your log-in. This way of hacking is mostly done on LANs where information between you and the server is stolen.

How to fight session hijacking? Use the ForceTLS add-on on Firefox. For Chrome users, you can use KB SSL Enforcer. These two redirect to a secured page of the websites you’re visiting.




Hack #5: Side Jacking / Firesheep

Amazed businessman sitting at the table with laptop

Side jacking lets hackers access your email and Facebook accounts via a public wireless network. Firesheep works when you and the hacker are using the same Wi-Fi network where these hackers thrive.

How to stop them? The ForceTLS add-on should work fine for Firefox users, and the KB SSL Enforcer for Chrome users. These two take you to secured pages of your preferred websites.




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