Top 10 Things You Need To Verify Before Picking A VPN Service

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology through which you can browse the Internet safely without your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gaining access to your browsing history. The VPN services uses several layers of encryption through which it keeps your data confidential.

When you access the Internet from public Wi-Fi spots, you would be connecting to the same internet connection that is shared by many other people. Your data is put to great risk at these instances. Therefore, you need a VPN at these times, so that you can prevent your data from being hacked or misused. Choosing a good VPN service provider is very important. A slight mistake here can defeat the whole purpose of choosing a private network. Here are some points that you need to watch out for, when choosing a VPN service.

Be especially aware of #8 since it can reveal your real IP…..

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