Top 10 Ways On How NSA Spying On Everyday Americans

The Twin Towers terror attack that happened in the US during September 11th, 2011 exposed many security loopholes in the US security surveillance systems. Post that, the NSA (National Security Agency), under the leadership of then President, George W Bush, has been involved in a series of vigilance activities. These include maintaining a database of all civilians in the US and their connection (if any) with the terrorist group of Al Qaida or other like-minded agencies. What this means to a normal US citizen is that you don’t have the freedom to do what you wanted anymore. The NSA monitors all your actions like your internet browsing history, pictures, programmes that you watch on television, your phone calls, your emails, images from your personal webcams and almost every other personal detail of yours. It is quite alarming, isn’t it? Here are the top 10 ways in which NSA carries out its domestic spying activities.

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