25 Strangest Jobs In The World

Are you feeling demotivated to go to work every morning? Do you think your job wears you out physically and emotionally? If yes, you haven’t heard about these weird jobs, yet. Yes, some of them are quite adventurous and fun to read, but when you read some of the other risky jobs, you can’t help realizing how lucky you are not to be doing that profile. So, here is the list of 25 strangest jobs that you can ever find in the world.

1. Snake venom milker


Snake venom can instantly kill you, but it is also used as a cure for various ailments. The best part is that this can be used to treat a deadly snake bite as well. The job of a snake milker is to hold out the fangs of the snake in the right position so that he can take out the venom properly. A slight error in judgment in this process can cost him his life.

2. Oshiya


Are you wondering what this word means? It is nothing but the term for professional pushers. In Japan, professional Oshiyas are hired for pushing as many people as possible into the trains during the peak office hours. Sounds strange, indeed!

3. Professional mourners


They get money to cry! Yes, that’s what professional mourners are hired for. During a death ceremony, these mourners cry and create a mournful ambiance. They also sing mourning songs, as per the customs of that particular locality.

4. Chicken Sexer



The chicken sexer, as the name suggests, is given the responsibility to identify the sex of the new chicks that are born. Male chicks are given off for culling while female chicks are bred well because they can lay eggs. The person has to squeeze the chicks well to see their genitalia and then decide the gender.

5. Stanley Cup Keeper


The Stanley Cup is given to the winning US/Canada Team in the National Hockey League Championships. The cup is quite expensive, and there is only one that does the rounds to different teams. So, the professional cup keeper’s job is to ensure that the trophy is maintained well and to travel to wherever the cup goes!

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