25 World’s Most Deadly Roads

Millions of people die in road misfortunes every year. While most of them are because of careless driving, some of them are also because of highly risky and deadly paths. In this article, we’re going to see 25 world’s most deadly roads. You better stay off these at all costs:

1. The Stelvio Pass, Italy



Located on the Italian Alps, the Stelvio Pass contains over 60, 180-degree corners, which explain its complexity. When you are driving here, ensure you don’t look down because you are only one low barrier away from a fatal drop. All through the two kilometers, the Stelvio Pass spells disaster.

2. Los Caracoles Pass, Chile


Located at the height of 3176m, this road is full of scary hairpin bends that can make even an experienced driver go crazy. This road is located between Uspallata (Argentina) and Los Andes (Chile). During harsh winters, the road is fully cut off because of abundant snowfall.

3. Karakoram Highway


Avalanches, snowdrifts, rocks, landslides, fatal accidents, animals, cliffs and storms – you name it, and you will find it on the Karakoram Highway located on the way from Pakistan to China. This risky road stretches up to 1300km in length.

4. Coasting Roads, Croatia


Traffic congestion, careless driving, sharp bends, blind corners and proximity to the dangerous cliffs are some of the major reasons which make the Coasting Roads in Croatia one of the most dangerous in the world. The lack of safety barriers makes this road a nightmare to drive.

5. The Widow Maker, United Kingdom


Yes, it is one of the most scenic roads on this list, but it is also highly dangerous. Located in the Peak District of the UK, this road is filled with scary bends, stone walls and steep embankments, which make it very risky for vehicles, especially motorcycles.

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