99 Perfectly Snapped Pictures Caught Before The Disaster

In this post, see the 100 perfectly photographed pictures caught before the hilarious incident or terrifying accident happened. Although there are nail-biting photos in this list, don’t worry, most of these images are hilarious and will make you laugh so hard. You know, some people say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but these photos can be summed up with two: “total disaster!” The timing of these photographs are on the spot, so you’ll see the very moment things are about to go down. Keep scrolling to check out the things you should remember not to do to avoid potentially dangerous outcomes. Enjoy! And don’t forget to get it to your friends!
1. Lurking In The Shadows Waiting To Attack


The wilderness consists of animals big and small. Some of them are friendly; some will make you their dinner. The hunter in this picture is unaware of the danger from the mountain lion that is waiting in the dark either for him or for the mule deer he was able to catch.

2. So You Want To Fight? Bring It On!


Here at the jungle, creatures big or small fight to survive. These two birds are going neck and neck for all the glorious food they are facing. One kick and the yellow bird is out! Kind of resembles the “This is Sparta” right? After this photo, one bird came out victorious and the other tired and couldn’t fly.
3. Driving On Water


To see magicians do tricks like walking on water is pretty incredible. But to see a car do a vertical trick on water is another thing. But in all seriousness, what’s up with the driver of this car? This picture shows the split second before the car sunk into the water.

4. Ok, You Go First. I’ll Meet You There.


Horseback riding is a fascinating sport. It is a prestigious hobby for the royal families, kings, and queens. However, this photo shows a different kind of horseback riding where the horseman is not sitting on the back of the horse. Let us just hope that the horse was able to catch him and he didn’t break any bone.

5. Cat Ninja Mode


How many ninja cats do you know? This kitty has the great arm strength that can match the bodybuilders. It is good that the cat was able to hang on the doorframe before the dog came into the room or else it will be a riot. If the cat would fall, that dog would seriously get scared.




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