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The need for a VPN service provider is increasing every passing day due to the rise in internet frauds, hacking, illegal tracking from government agencies and the like. ACE VPN is one of the well-known names in the VPN market today. Let us now see a few details regarding the features of this network.

Ace VPN was established during 2009, and it is based out of the USA. It has been doing a wonderful job in providing unlimited freedom for its users to browse restricted and blocked international content in a safe and encrypted way. It provides incredibly superior levels of encryption for data of users to ensure that it is not prone to any frauds, phishing scams or hacking.

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With this network, you can now confidently browse confidential data on public networks (using Wi-Fi hotspots), without the fear of culprits gaining access to your data. Currently, Ace VPN has a strong international presence, which helps users get access to a variety of restricted sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Canalsat, Spotify, Zattoo, Pandora and much more.

There is no restriction on geographical boundaries anymore as Ace VPN brings these restricted sites from across the world, the right to your system, with just a click of a button.

Installation and setting up this software is pretty easy to operate. There are detailed guides available on Ace VPN’s website, which make things easier for users who are not technically qualified. Almost all the servers report 99.9% uptime, which means, you will never face any hassles while using this network service. Since it is compatible with almost all operating systems and devices, you can be sure of keeping your home network safe too.

Pricing plans and discounts

There are two pricing plans offered by Ace VPN. They are as follows:

Premium Plan at $5.95 per month

ACE VPN Premium Pricing Access to servers based in 3 locations only (US, UK and France)
 Smart DNS free of cost
 No restriction on bandwidth and switching servers
 No logs
 Seven-day money back guarantee
 Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual plans cost $15, $30 and $55 respectively

Ultimate VPN Plan at $11.67 per month

ACE VPN Ultimate Plan

 No restriction on bandwidth and switching servers
 No logs
 Comes with Free Unblock TV account, where you can enjoy your favorite international shows
 Access to around 25+ servers in over 46+ locations
 Compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices
 Access to P2P and Torrent downloads
 Hassle-free streaming of videos and downloads
 Quarterly, Half-yearly and annual plans cost $45, $90 and $165 respectively

Speed and reliability of Ace VPN

While connecting to the VPN servers of Ace VPN through L2TP servers, internet speed was around 6.61Mbps, a tad lower than the 6.88Mbps speed which was achieved before connecting to the VPN. While the figures are not that promising, experts believe that the slow speed could have been due to the server and not the mistake of Ace VPN, per sec. If the standard OpenVPN network was tried out, the speeds could have been much better, according to testing experts.


Ace VPN through the L2TP server

ACEVPN SpeedTest

Speed Test without VPN

Customer support

ACE VPN Contact Us

As of now, Ace VPN provides support only through emails. The speed in which the customer support team replies is incredible. Don’t be surprised if you get back a reply from them within one minute of your sending the query. They are that fast! This is one of the strong areas of Ace VPN, and it would be great if they introduce other services like Live Chat and telephonic support in some time.

Logs and logging activity

Ace VPN provides complete confidentiality of the data of users, by not maintaining any user logs or connection logs.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices


There are quite a few security protocols that Ace VPN currently supports. They are Open VPN, the most trusted network, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSEC IKEV2. 128-bit and 256-bit encryption keys are supported by this network.

Operating systems and devices

ACE VPN Supported Devices

Ace VPN is compatible with various systems and devices like Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iPad, iPhone, tablets and routers.

Amount of IPs

Currently, there is no information available about the number of IP addresses that Ace VPN offers.

Server locations

ACE VPN Server Location

Ace VPN has around 42 servers in over 25+ countries and over 46 locations. Out of this, 13 servers are in the USA and 15 in the Europe.

Payment options

ACE VPN Payment Method

PayPal and Bitcoins are the payment modes that Ace VPN accepts, as per latest information updated on the service provider’s website.


Ace VPN has been doing a tremendous job in providing access to restricted website content to its users all around the world. Their customer service is truly super-fast. However, what stops many users from going towards this plan is the features of its pricing structure.

The premium plan, which costs less, gives access to servers in 3 locations, which is quite disappointing. P2P file sharing is available on the expensive Ultimate plan only. There are some huge disparities in cost in these two plans. Experts feel that the Ultimate Plan is too costly when compared to industry standards and therefore makes users stay away from this.

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  • Money Back Guarantee For 7 Days
  • Multiple Protocols and Devices
  • Super Private, Secure and Anonymous
  • Very Easy To Install, Configure and Use


  • Performance Is Fair
  • Unclear Access To Server Information


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