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There are many VPN service providers available in the industry today, assuring you of 100% data privacy and superior encryption levels. However, not all of these claims are true. Only some of them honor their commitment to providing users with unlimited bandwidth and hassle-free internet browsing. Expat Telly VPN is one of them. In the following article, you will be taken through some of the basic features of this VPN.

About the company

Expat Telly is based out of the UK. However, it has servers in many countries all over the globe, and it promises high-speed internet connectivity to users. With a fair number of the US servers, Expat Telly allows you to watch TV programs from the US that are otherwise blocked in your geographical area.

The USP of Expat Telly is its simplicity. When you choose Expert Telly, you can be assured of 100% data privacy and superior encryption levels. If there is one VPN service that is transparent about its service and assures high quality of Wi-Fi performance at a reasonable price range, it is Expat Telly. Your data will never go past the encrypted layers of this network and will thus stay safe from virus attacks and hackers.

Expat Telly Website

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The major aim of Expat Telly is to ensure that all subscribers over the Globe get unlimited streaming of television content that is blocked in their respective countries. Since it is based out of UK, the focus of this company is to get its UK expats across the globe get hassle-free broadcasts from their favorite TV shows of Britain. For example, if a UK TV show is banned in some country, subscribers can access Expat Telly’s private network to beat internet censorship and enjoy their favorite shows, irrespective of where they are located.

Pricing plans

Every VPN service provider provides special pricing plans based on the subscription period. If you opt for a longer period of subscription, you will get good discount rates. Currently, there are four kinds of subscription plans available from Expat Telly. Plans are available for one month, three months, six months and 12 months.

Expat Telly Pricing & Plans

 Plan costs for a month come to around 11USD; 9.99EUR
 Three months’ subscription plan comes to around 22USD; 19.99EUR
 Six months’ subscription plan comes to around 40USD; 35.99EUR
 One year’s subscription plan comes to 66USD; 59.99EUR.

Subscribers who opt for longer commitment are naturally rewarded with hefty discounts. During certain times of the year, their discount amounts and rates may vary. All details about the latest discounts (if any) on these subscription plans can be found at Expat Telly’s website.

One of the USPs of this VPN is that these subscription plans are valid for any number of devices in a particular household. Most of Expat Telly’s competitors place a ceiling on the number of devices or increase the subscription amount marginally if there are more devices in a household. Expat Telly does nothing of this. This plan turns out to be quite cost-effective as any number of people can use the same for the same rates.


When it comes to speed tests, Expat Telly is one of the best in the market. This service provider’s UK based VPN server provides a speed of 6.61Mbps. The US based server has a speed of 5.66Mbps which. Both of these speeds are highly reasonable and satisfactory. Due to its impressive speed, this service provider is highly recommended by technology experts.

Expat Telly - UK Based VPN

UK based VPN server

Expat Telly - US Based VPN

US based VPN server


Expat Telly Help Center

Though Expat Telly doesn’t have a telephone number that users can reach out to, it provides support in the form of emails. You can address all your queries to the support to the email address that you can find in the “contact us”. The support department assures that you that you will get back a reply within 24 hours and they stay true to their promise.


Expat Telly is one of those VPN service providers that do not give you a guarantee of user logs. The privacy policy of Expat Telly doesn’t promise users about the absence of user logs. Therefore, you can expect some activity tracking (nothing too serious) for a limited period, on servers of some countries that are bound by privacy laws.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices

Expat Telly supports protocols like PPTP VPN, unlike others that offer stricter protocols like Open VPN and L2TP. Nevertheless, as a user of this VPN, you can be sure about your data remaining highly confidential.

Expat Telly Supported OS

Currently, Expat Telly is compatible with these operating systems and devices – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Mac OSX, Windows XP, an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobiles operating on the Android platform, mobiles operating on Windows platform, Linux and DD-WRT.

Amount of IPs

The exact number of IPs that Expat Telly supports are not known yet. We only know that this VPN service provider offers shared IP support for its users.

Server locations

Expat Telly has its servers in the US and the UK so that it can stream blocked content from both these countries for the benefit of its global users.

Payment options

Expat Telly Payment Option

Currently, Expat Telly accepts credit cards and PayPal as its payment options. When you pay through PayPal, it reflects immediately in this service provider’s account, and you get immediate access to the subscribers that you requested.


The following are some of the advantages of an Expat Telly VPN:
• Very simple to use
• Users get immediate access to blocked content upon payment
• Focuses exclusively on unblocking restricted television content
• Compatible with various operating systems and devices
• More than average internet speed both in the UK server and in the US server
• Reasonable customer -care support
• Flexible subscription plans


These are the areas of improvement that Expat Telly should work on:
• Bring about more security protocols
• No free trials and money-back guarantee
• No mention about absence of user logs in the privacy policy

Bottom Line

Having discussed the features, pros and cons of an Expat Telly VPN, it is now time to decide if this is worth its price. Due to its sheer simplicity of operations, reasonable price and high-quality Wi-Fi performance, the Expat Telly VPN is strongly recommended by experts. It provides high-speed internet, effortlessly streams blocked television content from different parts of the world and supported various operating systems.

If you are looking for a general purpose VPN, which allows unlimited users to use its network in a household, this one if the best plan for you. However, if you guard your privacy very fiercely, you may want to consider buying this VPN. The service provider doesn’t guarantee users about the absence of any user logs. When companies don’t specially mention this point, it is always assumed that they maintain user logs, albeit at a smaller level!

While Expat Telly scores highly regarding price, excellent features, reliability, customer service and internet speed, it still has a long way to go regarding protocols supported. Currently, it uses only PPTP protocols with MPPE encryption. However, its counterparts provide more rigid and stricter security levels like L2TP and OpenVPN. Expat Telly should upgrade its protocol support so that it becomes a household name in the VPN service providers market.

All these technical details apart, Expat Telly is rated highly by users and VPN experts, because it more than makes up for its shortcomings. The customer service is very helpful and sometimes replies to queries within minutes. The VPN itself is very easy to set up and get started. Therefore, it scored brownie points with users as this is the step where many networks can frustrate end users.

Expat Telly doesn’t compromise on internet speed in its UK and US servers, which help users to stream videos, play games and view uninterrupted television content, giving them a very satisfying experience. Expat Telly is a worthy investment because of the customer satisfaction and value for money that it provides for its end users.

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  • Better Download Speed
  • Fast Customer Support
  • Easy To Use
  • Various subscription plans


  • No money-back guarantee and free trials
  • Less Security Protocols


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