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GoTrusted is a VPN provider based in Florida. It aims to provide easy-to-use and accessible VPN services to the public and businesses. It is one of the first VPN providers that has its own TV commercial. It has advanced features that are not typical in other VPN providers.

If you are a technical person, you might find their service and app a little ‘too easy’. Techies and technical enthusiasts may find the app lacking some ‘technical aspects.’ It may be very simple app, but it has a high – quality solution that offers good performance.

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In this GoTrusted review, we will examine other features that are useful to users of the VPN service. This review will determine whether GoTrusted VPN is a good alternative to use.

Pricing and Packages

The GoTrusted VPN price is considered a competitive rate in the industry. It offers three types of packages – home user, small business and enterprise. The home user package costs 5.99 per month. However, the cost of small business and enterprise package is not stated in the site. Those who want to avail of the small business or enterprise package have to contact their customer service to know the price and details.

GoTrusted Pricing

For this review, we will focus on the home user package. For home user package, they offer a 7-day trial of their VPN service. However, they will take your payment details up front before you can start the trial offer. GoTrusted will automatically start to take payment from your credit cards if you do not cancel within the 7-day trial period.

If you use PayPal as your payment method, GoTrusted take an initial payment to verify your PayPal payment details. The amount of the verification is one cent. The automated subscription payment starts after the 7-day trial period.

Payment Methods

In terms of payment methods, you have rather limited options to choose. They accept major credit cards, but only Visa and MasterCard. You can also pay your subscription through PayPal.

The use of GoTrusted coupon or GoTrusted discount is only available on special occasions. The company does not regularly issue discounts. Hence, you have to check their website for any promotions that may entitle you to a coupon.

Speed and Performance

In this review, we conducted a series of tests and compatibility monitoring. In our speed tests, we used a MacBook with OSX Mountain Lion version. Installation of the software went well. Though we were informed that there are some bugs in Mac app, we didn’t encounter such problem.

After successfully installing the software, we conducted our first speed test without VPN to set a benchmark of our speed. Our speed test reading without VPN is at 16Mbps download, 4.44Mbps upload and 95ms ping. This is the standard result of this location.

GoTrusted Without VPN

Next, we connected to GoTrusted using a US Server. We switched off the ‘compatibility mode’. There is no huge drop in the speed after performing the test. The result gave us 14.40Mbps download, 25.17Mbps upload and 28ms ping. The result was satisfactory.

GoTrusted WithVPN


We moved to the UK server and performed speed tests using the same settings. The result of the third test was still very satisfactory after getting speed test results of 11.33Mbps download, 12.30Mbps upload and 105ms ping. We tried watching a UK streaming broadcast for over an hour and experience no buffering.

GoTrusted WithVPN1

After our third speed test, we decided to turn on the ‘compatibility mode’ setting and went back to the US server. We were surprised to see that the result was very disappointing. The speed test revealed results that were more than half with ‘compatibility mode’ was off. We tried it in the UK server and still got disappointing results.

The compatibility mode is on by default. Based on our tests, we suggest to turn this setting off before connecting to any server.

We also tested the performance and speed of the VPN service using an Android device. GoTrusted does not provide automated setup for mobile devices (including an iPhone or iPad). However, they have a clear set of instructions with screenshots on their customer area.

We followed the instructions for installation on an Android device. It involved creating a manual VPN connection on the network settings of the device. The connection worked after the installation. There was also a detailed instruction on how to make an L2TP connection or a PPTP connection. We tried using both types of connections.

After configuration, we conducted a speed test to set a benchmark. We connected to our WiFi and conducted speed tests using US and UK servers respectively. The speed test results were disappointing as they were inconsistent. There were times that the speed was close to our benchmark, and sometimes they were extremely slow.

We tried using the 3G connection of our device and ran a series of speed test. The results were satisfactory. There was a minimal drop in speed compared to our benchmark. Therefore, we suggest to use the mobile VPN app using mobile data. However, if you plan to use the VPN over WiFi, then you might have problems with inconsistency.

Customer Support

GoTrusted customer support is available through the chat and ticketing system. Their support is available directly from their website during office hours in the US. For this review, we tested the chat support first to know their response time. The chat support responded to us almost instantaneously. Also, the representative was able to answer a series of questions in a very knowledgeable and detailed manner.

Gotrusted live chat

The chat support is unavailable beyond office hours, but you can use the ticketing system to leave your requests. We tested the ticketing system and got a reply within 24 hours. The reply was very concise and detailed.

Overall, our experience with the support of GoTrusted was very impressive and very satisfactory.

Logs and Privacy

You can find a detailed privacy policy of GoTrusted on their website. The privacy policy states that they keep a detailed record of the use of the service of their customers. Also, they share information with third-parties, but with the consent of their customer. However, they are compelled to submit records of the customer for law-enforcement purposes without customer consent.

If you plan to use the VPN service legally, then this will not raise any concern. However, those who prefer to use a VPN service that has no logs for whatever reason, they may want to find another provider.

Supported Protocols

GoTrusted does not provide a huge amount of information about the technicalities of their service works. We tried checking their website for the information we needed, but cannot find a good amount of information. For this review, we took the information from their customer support.

When we talked to their support department, we were only told that their app uses many different VPN protocols depending on the network conditions, but SSL is commonly used.

A series of questions revealed that they support PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption wherever possible. However, GoTrusted automatically choose the best and strongest encryption based on the location of the connection.

The information we got were disappointing to our point of view. We do not have sufficient access to the inner workings of the software. However, non-techies may find this VPN app ideal, especially if they want an easy, working solution.

Supported Operating Systems and Devices

Unlike other VPN providers, GoTrusted has rather limited devices and operating system compatibility. In terms of operating systems, they only support Mac OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. It is quite a disappointment that they do not support Linux.

Gotrusted supported device

Because they do not support Linux, they only support Apple products such as Mac, iPhone and iPad. They support Windows-based computers and windows phone. They also have an app for Android devices such as Android phones and Android tablets.

If you want your routers to have VPN configured, then this is not a right provider for you. DDWRT routers and Tomato routers are Linux-based. Again, GoTrusted is not very prominent with compatibility.

Amount of IP Addresses and Server Locations

There is no information as to the number of IP addresses that GoTrusted have for users. It offers American, European and Asian IP addresses to customers. Upon using the app, we found out that they have servers in 7 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.


During our review period, there are many features that we liked about GoTrusted. Our first impression was caught by their website, which is simple and very professional-looking.

Also, we liked their simple and consumer-focused software that is suitable for all skill levels. Even beginners and non-techies will not have any problem installing and configuring the software.

We also like the performance of the VPN. In our series of tests, we found the service very satisfactory. When we used different servers, there is no drastic change in speed. In our case, we were able to conclude that the “compatibility mode” settings have a drastic effect on the speed. So, we simply left the setting off, and we didn’t have problems with the connection.

The company also has a great technical support. Their chat support is very responsive and very knowledgeable in what they do. For out of US working hours, they can be reached through sending tickets. In our case, we got a response within 24 hours.

There are some things that we think the company should check and improve. First, there is a lack of access to the detailed settings of the app. While this is helpful for non-techies, this can disappoint most techies and tech enthusiasts.

Also, the “compatibility mode” that greatly reduce the performance of the VPN was set on by default. It was fortunate on our end that we turned it off before starting our speed tests. Those who do not bother to check the settings may find the VPN service annoying. Turning it off by default would be great.

While the video tutorials are great and easy to follow, they have not automated setup for mobile devices. It can be frustrating to some people to configure their mobile devices manually.

In order to start the free trial, we had to provide our payment details. This is not really bad, but it can catch some people who are careless enough. Also, there are a limited number of payment options – only Visa or MasterCard for credit cards, and PayPal.

There are a few features that we do not like with the service. The inconsistent performance of the app using Android devices needs a little added work. Also, there is very limited compatibility of devices and operating systems. The country options are also limited.

Overall, GoTrusted offers great performance. Its features are great with some limitations. GoTrusted is a great alternative to those who find the features available meeting their requirements.

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  • Cheap Price
  • Good Customer Support
  • Best Performance in most of the configurations


  • iOS Download speed is inconsistent
  • country options is limited
  • Compatibility is limited


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