HideMyAss Review

    Speed and Reliability of HMA

    Several tests showed the Hide My Ass feels similar with other VPNs in terms of speed. As expected from a good VPN provider, streaming video speed is normal and loading of pages is also normal.

    Speed wise, Hide My Ass was found to feel the same when you’re using it as any other top 5 VPNs tested. Streaming video speed is normal, and everything else loads as quickly as you’d expect.


    Without HMA


    With HMA

    Of course, the speed of HMA VPN is faster when you are closer to the server than when the server is extremely far. You get a quick ping rate when you are close to the virtual server. You get roughly same download speed with your connection without VPN.

    HMA is reliable and works perfectly with Geo-blocked content providers such as Hulu. Hulu blocks some IP addresses. By switching to another US-based virtual server, you will be able to unlock the content for you.

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  • Price is quite High
  • Average VPN Connection Speed


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