These are simply the best VPN Services for Torrenting and P2P Filesharing. All of the VPN providers below permit Bittorrent Filesharing – some limited to specific nations, so make a point to associate with the right Server. On the off chance that Filesharing is illicit in your nation or you wanna keep away from lawful issues of any sort – be shrewd and use of these VPN providers which does not keep log files!

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WiTopia VPN Review

WiTopia VPN was founded in early 2003 with the goal of providing a simple and powerful data security for large businesses. However, the founders found the need for the same need for small companies and individuals. Hence, personal VPN was launched in 2005 that aims to anonymize users online and encrypt their data across untrusted networks. In this WiTopia review, we checked the features of their s...[Read More]

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BTGuard Review

BTGuard is a prominent VPN provider in the industry. Its popularity can be attributed to the endorsement made by TorrentFreak, a torrent privacy activist site. The company is based in Canada, where there are no data retention laws are needed. In this BTGuard review, we will examine several features of the VPN to determine whether it is a good alternative to use by people who seek security and priv...[Read More]

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AirVPN Review

AirVPN is a small VPN provider founded in 2010 by a group of activists from Italy. This company strongly supports privacy, net neutrality and data protection. Air VPN is dedicated to maintain anonymity of its users using the latest technology to provide a simple yet effective service. In this Air VPN review, we will examine the various aspects of this VPN provider to determine whether it is a grea...[Read More]

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Express VPN Review

Express VPN is one of the many providers of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). This review will focus on several factors and aspects that will help you decide whether or not this provider is the right Virtual Private Network for you. This review assumes that you have a basic understanding of VPN and how it works. This Expres sVPN review provides a detailed analysis and discussion of the features offe...[Read More]