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IBVPN is a big name in the VPN world. It is also known for low cost service. In fact, it is one of the cheapest VPN providers in the industry. In this IBVPN review, we tried their service to determine whether its low-cost service could provide high-quality VPN experience.

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We will examine several features that can be useful to users. These features include speed, customer support, logs and privacy, supported devices and operating systems, supported IP addresses and servers.

Pricing and Packages

IB VPN offers four different packages under Premium VPN and DNS package, which is based on the manner in which the user plans to use the VPN service.


  • Total VPN – The most popular package is the Total VPN package, which includes a VPN and SmartDNS. This package is great for users who enjoy torrents and P2P activities, heavy streaming, privacy protection and unblocking restricted sites.The cost of this package is $4.08 per month if billed annually. If you choose to have it billed on a monthly basis, it costs $5.56 per month. Billing it annually will get you a 30% IBVPN discount.


  • ibDNS / SmartDNS – This package does not come with VPN. It is a package that is great for unblocking restricted sites that are normally for heavy streaming. The package costs $2.15 per month if billed annually at 30% discount. If you choose to have it billed monthly, it will cost $3.46 per month.


  • Torrent VPN – For those who enjoy file sharing and torrent download, the Torrent VPN package is the best option. This package does not include SmartDNS. Billing it annually costs $2.15 per month at a 30% discount. The package costs $3.46 per month if billed monthly.


  • Ultimate VPN – This is the best package deal that you can avail. It comes with a VPN and SmartDNS. The package cost $7.66 per month if billed monthly. You can avail a 30% discount if you choose to have it billed annually at $4.83 per month.


Different packages also come with different type of protocols and encryption. All these packages provide unlimited bandwidth. The Torrent package uses a dedicated torrent server for optimum performance.

IBVPN also offers three different packages for those who want to get a VPN service based on their location. All location-based VPN packages do not have SmartDNS.

  • US & CA VPN – This package is for those who want to use the US and Canadian servers. The package costs $2.15 per month if billed annually and $3.46 per month if billed monthly.


  • UK & Ireland VPN – If you want to use the servers from UK and Ireland, then this package is for you. It costs $3.46 per month if billed annually. A 30% discount can be availed if you have it billed annually at $2.15 per month.


  • EU VPN – This allows users to use all 25 servers in 18 European countries. For monthly billing, it costs $3.46 and $2.15 per month of annual billing.


IBVPN offers packages that can be used simultaneously. These packages are suitable for families and businesses. They are offering these packages at 30% off this season.

  • Family VPN – This account allows 3 simultaneous connections. It costs $9.91 per month for annual billing, and $13.96 per month if billed monthly.


  • Small Business VPN – This package allows 5 simultaneous connections. The costs are $14.95 per month and $19.56 per month for annual and monthly billing respectively.


  • Small Business VPN – This package allows 10 simultaneous connections. The costs are $28.58 per month and $34.96 per month for annual and monthly billing respectively.


  • Small Business VPN – This package allows 20 simultaneous connections. The costs are $58.33 per month and $69.96 per month for annual and monthly billing respectively.


All these multi-VPN connection packages comes with a VPN and SmartDNS. They also provide access to all 63 servers in 35 different countries.

You can also avail the IBVPN trial after getting the package. For 15 days, you can test their services in terms of speed and compatibility on your devices. If you are not satisfied with the performance, then you can terminate your account without paying anything.

Payment Methods

IBVPN accepts various payment methods. They accept bank transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal and all major credit cards. Credit cards are accepted:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

The use of IBVPN promotional code or IBVPN coupon is accepted for renewal of accounts and under special promotions. To avail a coupon or code, contact their customer service or visit their website from time to time especially during special occasions and seasons.

Speed and Performance

We conducted a series of tests for the VPN speed using speedtest.net with 10MB broadband connection.

We performed a speed test without using a VPN and the result showed a 9.94Mbps download, 1.04Mbps upload and 20ms ping.


Our connection using OpenVPn connected to a UK server gave a positive result. The download speed was 9.85Mbps and upload speed was 1.03Mbps. The ping result was at 22ms.


We also tested their VPN connection using L2TP to a UK server. The result was great at 8.74Mbps download speed and the upload speed was 1.33Mbps. The ping results were 25ms.


When we compare the results of our speed test, it is easy to see that the OpenVPN connection is really fast. On the other hand, the L2TP connection was not as fast as OpenVPN, but it was still good.

We tested some dedicated VPN servers in Luxemburg and The Netherlands and found that the connection speed was relatively good. However, there were noticeable timeouts of connection on several instances. Another problem we encountered was our own internet connection became very slow and almost completely unusable, which is a serious issue with their service that they need to address.

We also tested their ibDNS service. The main purpose of this service is to provide access to content sites, especially media streaming service and internet TV that are supposed to be restricted in one country. IB VPN makes the process of accessing these restricted sites easier by integrating it to their app.

In our test, we tried accessing Hulu from the UK. In just a couple of minutes, we were able to access the site directly without buffering when streaming. However, the downside of this is that when you want to access local content, you have to change the settings back to how they were. Changing settings back and forth can be annoying to do regularly.

Customer support

IBVPN always ensures that their customers are happy with their service. If you have any concerns or requests, you may contact them through Ticketing System, Email and Live Chat. Their customer support is available 24/7 to answer all your requests.


We tried contacting them using these three forms of support. We send a ticket regarding our problem about our slow internet connection when using their VPN service, as well as send an email about the same concern. We received a faster response from their Email system than the ticketing system. However, we were not satisfied with the response we got from the support group.

The live chat support of IBVPN is most responsive of all the support type. They respond almost instantly. When we ask several technical questions, the support personnel was able to address our concerns though we had to probe a little to get the answers we wanted to hear.

Logs and privacy

IBVPN understands and respects the right of every person to personal privacy. The company do not spy on their users and do not monitor their internet activities. They do not keep logs with the activities of their users.

However, they will record and keep several data in their servers for 7 day. These include the date, time and location of the VPN connection, the duration of the connection and the bandwidth used during the connection. These data are important so that the company can enforce their Terms of Service and prevent other malicious acts. If there is violation, the trace logs will be used to pinpoint the account and take further action.

We would prefer a ‘no log’, but this is the standard practice in the industry even those who claim to be ‘no logs’ company. There are other ways to ensure that privacy is protected. IBVPN accepts Bitcoin as payment method. This payment option allows you to use their service without providing your personal information.

Supported Protocols

IBVPN supports several protocols for their VPN connection. Users can connect using PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN connections. These protocols are offered from one or any of their packages. Of all these protocols, OpenVPN is far the most secure. Also, their OpenVPN connection uses a 256-bit blowfish encryption.

OpenVPN connection is compatible with most devices. However, there are some limitations for older devices. Hence, you can use the other protocols if your device is an older model.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

IBVPN supports almost all devices in the market. The following are the supported devices of IBVPN.

IbVPN Supported OS

  • Windows computers
  • Mac
  • Android devices
  • DDWRT Router
  • Iphone
  • Ipad
  • Nokia
  • Tomato Router
  • Windows Mobile

Amount of IP Addresses

With close to 100 servers, IBVPN provides over 2000 IP addresses. However, they provide dynamic IPs rather than shared IPs. Dynamic IPs are directly linked to the real IP of the user. Hence, the VPN provider can easily the user.

We think that if IBVPN would change to shared IP, they are worth the money of the user. Shared IPs are used by many users making it extremely difficult to pinpoint a person responsible for the actions done online.

Server Locations

IBVPN has close to 100 servers from 35 countries that you can access straight away.

IbVPN Servers

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Czech
  • Turkey
  • Poland
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Iceland
  • Lithuania
  • Russia
  • Hong Kong
  • Panama
  • Egypt
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zeeland
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia


There are many features that IBVPN can offer to its customers. We like the fact that they offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. This is a great opportunity of potential customers to try their service knowing that they will get a refund once they are not satisfied with the service.

Also, P2P downloading is allowed. Most VPN users are also into P2P downloading. Hence, they can benefit with this feature.

Low prices are also a great feature of IBVPN. Also, it accepts Bitcoin as method of payment, which is secured as you do not have to provide your details.

In terms of security, they provide a good OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit blowfish encryption. This is far the most secured way to protect your online activities. Also, the company does not keep usage logs, but they keep some connection logs.

They also have great setup guidelines for the users. Their customer support is responsive and knowledgeable.

Their app support most of the devices in the market, including routers. Though OpenVPN protocol has limitations in older devices, they have guidelines on how to set it up manually. They also support major operating systems, including Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

On the other hand, there are some features that are disadvantaged on the part of the users. The first thing is their IPs. They use dynamic IPs and not share ones. Dynamic IPs are easily traceable by the VPN provider.

Also, the VPN service causes a slowdown of our internet connection. In fact, it can kill the connection as we are unable to use it even for regular browsing.

Overall, our experience with IBVPN is not satisfactory. Within one week of using the Torrent VPN package, our daily use of the service slowed down our internet to unusable speed. Additional tests and review may be conducted in the future using non-Torrent package, but using torrent is our main reason for wanting to use a VPN service.

Regarding the features and speed tests during the trial period, IBVPN is great except for the dynamic IPs and connection logs they keep for a week. However, if you keep turning off the VPN just to browse the web, then the service needs a lot of improvements.

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  • Better OpenVPN encryption
  • 15 Days money back and 6 hours free trial
  • P2p Downloading
  • Useful and quick setup guide
  • IbVPN based in Romania


  • Using dynamic IPs is suitable not shared ones
  • Fair Reliability


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