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There are many VPN service providers in the market, which each one offering some specialized service or the other. As a user, you have to read through the features and USP of each of these so that you will get a clear idea as to where to put your money in. Here is a brief review of iPredator VPN for you:

iPredator VPN was founded by Peter Sunde, who is famous for forming The Pirate Bay as well. Pirate Bay is a BitTorrent indexing website which gained instant popularity, but was blocked in many countries due to security concerns. Due to its relations with the Pirate Bay, iPredator was always expected to do well in the field of security. However, that is not all that a VPN is required to do.

iPredator VPN Website

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To put things right in perspective – iPredator is great if you want a VPN that offers you complete data privacy. However, if you are looking at some additional features like average internet speed, access to view blocked television and online content from other countries, stream videos seamlessly, etc. You are sure to get disappointed. iPredator is not of the fastest VPN service providers in the market today. You may want to look elsewhere if you want high-speed internet.

The main reason why people choose to take the services of a VPN service provider is to view international television content that is blocked in their respective countries. With iPredator suffers a major handicap in this aspect.

All of the company’s 50 servers are based out of Sweden. What does this mean to you? Let us see an example here. You are a user based out of Asia. You want to watch one of your favorite US TV shows that is blocked in your country. So you connect to a VPN (in this case, iPredator) service in a hope to enjoy your show without disturbances. However, to your surprise, you see that even with the VPN connection on, you still see the TV show as blocked. Why? This is because, iPredator’s servers are based out of Sweden, and they do not stream content anywhere else.

As a basic user, the first question that you may get when you experience this situation is, “why do I need this VPN if I am not able to enjoy my shows?” You are entirely justified in asking this question. This is why we explained above that if viewing blocked international television content is your priority, iPredator may not be the ideal choice for you. However, the company scores quite high on other aspects like price, security, reliability and customer support, which make it an average option.

Pricing plans and discounts

Unlike other service providers that offer various prices based on the subscription periods, iPredator offers a standard price for all plans – 8USD or 6EUR or 50SEK per month is the price you need to pay to enjoy this VPN service provider’s secure service. You can choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual plans, based on your convenience. iPredator offers a three-day trial period for its users so that they can test the waters before investing in it.

iPredator VPN Pricing & Plans

If you are not satisfied with iPredator’s services, you can always request a refund. However, a customer support executive from iPredator will ask you lots of details about the issue and will try to fix it for you. If you like your refunds to be processed without any questions or issues, you may not like iPredator’s approach.

Speed and reliability of iPredator

Speed is one of the primary concerns of iPredator. When connected to iPredator’s VPN network, internet browsing speed dropped to an alarming 2.08Mbps. In certain cases, it even dropped to 1.09Mbps. These numbers are quite disappointing. Yes, iPredator has servers only in Sweden and data does take a long time to travel for users based out of various geographies. Nevertheless, this cannot be a justification for such low numbers.

Customer support

iPredator VPN Contact Support

Customer support from iPredator is quite reasonable. On its official website, https://ipredator.se/, it has the option of live chat (Jabber) which looks quite promising. However, users who had resorted to this did not find the responses to be quick. Therefore, they had to resort to the traditional method of emails. The customer support team of iPredator takes care to reply to queries from users within 24 hours.

Logs and logging activity

This is one of the strengths of iPredator. It doesn’t maintain any user logs, as clearly mentioned on its website. It does maintain a few connection logs, though, but it is only for troubleshooting or debugging purposes. Therefore, it should not be a cause of worry for users.

Only the iPredator servers are aware of this information, as all data in these connection logs are encrypted and stored separately. One more section of data which is stored in these servers’ database is about payment. Emails received from payment processors about transaction IDs are stored for a period up to 6 months in an encrypted form on these servers.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices


iPredator’s relation with The Pirate Bay comes to the fore, on the security protocols that it supports. The Open VPN encryption capacity of iPredator is powered by CBC 256-bit AES and SHA-1 authentication. This is one of the highest degrees of security protocols available today and is almost equivalent to what is being used by the US Government for confidential communication.

Operating systems and devices

iPredator VPN Supported Device

iPredator is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux/BSD, Android and iOS. However, for Android and iOS operating systems, only PPTP protocols are currently available.

Amount of IPs

There is no clear information yet on the number of IPs that iPredator has currently. The website doesn’t provide any updates, either.

Server locations

iPredator VPN has 50 servers in all. All of them are based out of Sweden.

Payment Options

Some of the payment options accepted by iPredator are:

iPredator VPN Payment Option
• Bitcoins – (Using BitPay, you can pay anonymously through bitcoins)
• PayPal – (Using account balance; credit cards are not allowed in this mode)
• OK Pay – (Using balance in e-wallet; credit cards are not accepted)
• Payza – (Using e-wallet, which you can load using credit cards)
• Payson – (Using wallet balance; credit cards are not accepted)
• Prepaid Credit cards that are bought using cash


The Sweden-based company of iPredator may fulfil high degree of security protocols due to its close association with the Pirate Bay; however, like a VPN, it is not quite successful yet because of two main shortcomings. They are a) slow internet speed and b) inability to access blocked international television content. If you are only a casual browser who wants full privacy for your data when browsing on public networks and if slow internet speeds do not worry you, iPredator may work for you.

Regarding privacy, the absence of user logs, superior encryption levels and other protocols, this is one of the best in the market. Unfortunately, many people choose VPNs today to view their favorite international TV shows that are blocked in their respective countries. You cannot do that with iPredator, which is why it has still a lot of catching up to do with its counterparts. Moving the servers across various global locations could do the world of good for iPredator.

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  • 3 day free trial available
  • Bitcoin payments accepted
  • 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption


  • Servers located only in Sweden
  • Slow connection speed
  • Multiple connection not allowed


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