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You are spoilt for choice if you are looking for a good IPN service provider because there are lots of players in the market today. It is indeed a tough task to pick the best among these. That is why we provide you reviews of some of the well-known and user-friendly service providers in our article. Here, you are going to see an overview of IVPN, its features, and services.

About the company

IVPN is one of the premium VPN service providers in the industry. It is based out of Malta and aims at protecting the online privacy of its users located across the globe. With the help of IVPN, you can access your confidential data from anywhere in the world, without the fear of your data falling into the wrong hands. It has an anonymous IP address, which ensures that your data goes through a secure and well-encrypted pathway. If you thought that your internet speed would come down because of the highly secure levels that data has to travel through, you are in for a pleasant surprise here.

iVPN Website

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IVPN doesn’t compromise on data speed at all. When your VPN service provider offers high-quality encryption and above internet speed, it is a rare combination indeed, and you shouldn’t waste any time to buy their services. IVPN is one such service provider in the market today.

IVPN was established during 2009, and it has been offering impeccable service in the field of online privacy since then. It is indeed quite costlier than most of its counterparts; however, that is because it offers a great quality of services.

Unlimited bandwidth, hassle-free and safe browsing, reliability, low latency, full freedom of browsing for users, latest security technologies to safeguard the online privacy of users and a transparent privacy policy are some of the wonderful features of IVPN.

Recently, when Malta’s rules regarding online privacy underwent some changes, IVPN moved its base to a friendlier location, Gibraltar. In its official website, https://www.ivpn.net/, the service provider has clearly mentioned that it is always ready to relocate to other locations to ensure that users get full freedom for online browsing.

Pricing plans and discounts

Before getting into the pricing details, here is a bit of good news for users – IVPN offers a free trial for three days. This helps users to download IVPN’s services, use them on public networks, gauge their privacy levels and then take a call on its reliability and quality. Users feel happy that they are given the chance to test the situation first before they pay a reasonably high sum as part of the subscription. Here are the plans that are currently available with IVPN:

iVPN Pricing & Plans

 Monthly plan – USD15
 Quarterly plan – USD40 (which works to around 13.3USD per month, resulting in 11% savings for you)
 Annual plan – USD100 (which works to around 8,33USD per month, resulting in 44% savings for you)

When it comes to refund policy, IVPN is very strict and has mentioned clearly on its website that it would be able to process refunds only within a one-week period from the date of purchase. This rule can be relaxed only in exceptional cases like a technical glitch or power failure, which stops the user from connecting to IVPN’s network. In these rare cases, the company agrees with a 30-day refund policy.

Speed and reliability of IVPN

In the UK, online privacy laws are quite strict, and IVPN servers had to pass through multi-hop technology, which requires absolute anonymity and a lengthy process. In spite of passing through this, these servers reported almost a speed of 9.4Mbps, which is far higher than what most of the other VPN service providers offer. The speed was same for the US servers as well. In the Netherlands, the server speed was a tad slower due to higher encryption levels; however, this is not a case to worry.

Customer support

Customer support is not always decided on the basis of the 24/7 toll-free number. It is based on some other factors like help made available on the website, easy navigation, easy installation, queries being responded to mail and other relevant points.

iVPN Contact Us

IVPN scores quite high when it comes to its website because there are some guides (both introductory and advanced levels) that you can refer to, to clear your doubts. In addition to this, you can refer to the FAQ, which is a repository of information.

Ideally, these two reference points should clear all your queries. However, if you still have any doubt left, you can email to them at the address given on the website – support@ivpn.net. You will get back a reply within 24 hours, explaining you in detail about the queries raised by you.

Logs and logging activity

IVPN promises its users that it doesn’t maintain any user logs or connection logs because it aims at fully protecting the online privacy. Since it believes in giving users, the freedom to browse whatever they want, they don’t maintain any activity logs.

IVPN changed its base location from Malta to Gibraltar, mainly because Malta became stricter and started restricting anonymous browsing. In its privacy policy, IVPN assures that it doesn’t store user logs, bandwidth usage logs, and session data logs. It also doesn’t track requests made to its DNS servers.

Supported protocols, devices, and operating systems


The data channel of IVPN uses AES encryption with 256-bit keys. For purposes of authenticating HMAC, it uses SHA-1. IVPN’s control channel uses highly encrypted 4096-bit certificates that are generated by SHA-1. It also uses multi-hop technology – which is a system where data travels through 2 or more VPN servers before reaching the user’s destination. All of these features make data available on this VPN highly secure and confidential. User’s identity remains anonymous.

Devices and operating systems

Here is the list of devices and operating systems with which IVPN is compatible to be used:

iVPN supporting Devices Windows 10
 Windows 8
 Windows 7
 Windows XP
 Windows Phone
 Mac OS X
 GNU/Linux
 iPhone
 iPad
 Android
 Tomato
 Pfsense
 Synology

Amount of IPs

IVPN uses shared IP methodology to protect the actual IPs of users. This is an additional step to increase the confidentiality of data available on IVPN’s network.

Server Locations

iVPN Server Location

Currently, IVPN has 21 servers in 12 countries (one each in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Iceland, Romania and Sweden, two in the UK, four at Netherlands and six in the US).

Payment options

iVPN Payment Option

Since IVPN considers confidentiality as its priority, it accepts payment in Bitcoins. For payment through these coins, you can use BitPay. PayPal, Credit Card and cash are the other modes of payment accepted by IVPN.


You have to pay more to get IVPN’s services. However, don’t let this factor deter you from getting access to complete online privacy. IVPN offers superior encryption levels, due to which you can access data from anywhere in the world, without the fear of your details being hacked.

Stay safe from unnecessary government surveillance, hackers, cybercrime culprits and other illegal snoopers, thanks to IVPN’s secure network. It provides you with a three-day free trial, which is a great chance for you to experience the high quality of services without paying a penny. This trial period gives you the confidence to commit to a longer subscription with IVPN.

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  • Strong & Safe Encryption
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • MultiHOP VPN Available
  • Instant Activation


  • Live Chat Support is Unavailable
  • Shortage of Server Coverage


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