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Kepard is a small VPN provider from Moldova, which gives a good service for a modest price. They provide a stylish and customized software. They support various platforms and provide a great value for your money.

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In this Kepard VPN review, we checked the most important features of their VPN services. We will examine their pricing, customer support, logs and privacy and technical aspects. On the technical side, we will discuss the speed and performance, IP address and VPN servers.

Pricing and Packages

Kepard VPN offers a single Premium package with three pricing plans. Like other VPN providers, you will get an increasing discount for long term subscriptions. The cost of their package for 1 month subscription is $7. Meanwhile, subscription for 3 months costs $19 and $35 for 12-month subscription.

KepardVPN Pricing

Moreover, Kepard offers a 1 day trial service one you have registered and logged in in Kepard Windows or Kepard Android application. You can also get up to 180 days of free Premium Kepard VPN service. They also have a reward system where you can invite your friends and get up to 30 days of free Premium VPN service.

Payment Options

You can use various payment methods when paying for a Kepard package. Kepard accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

Kepard coupon and Kepard promotion code can be used upon checkout. These are obtainable through special promotions.

Speed and Performance

As usual, we performed our speed tests using our broadband connection. The first speed test was conducted without VPN. The result showed 9.85Mbps upload speed, 3.35Mbps upload speed and 21ms ping.

Kepard VPN Without VPN

We tested the VPN connection using London server, which is the nearest to our location. Using the London server, we got a speed test result of 9.06Mbps download, 1.03Mbps upload and 34ms ping. The speed was acceptable, so we tried connecting to Netherlands server.

Kepard With VPN 1

The speed test results revealed 8.86Mbps download speed, 0.99Mbps upload speed and 36ms ping. As you can see, the speed drops when using a farther server.

Kepard With VPN 2

Also, we checked for DNS leaks. Kepard is clean from any DNS leaks. We tried performing the process several times.

Customer Support

Kepard offers several types of support to their users. They have a very helpful knowledge-base and FAQ section where answers to common questions are located. Also, they have a detailed guide to installing the VPN software to different platforms.

We also tried contacting their direct support through sending a ticket to their support group when we had some questions that are not found in their knowledge-base and FAQ sections. Their support group answered our questions in a timely manner. We were not surprised because they state on their website that their support group is open 24/7.

Logs and Privacy

Kepard is very straightforward about their logs policy. They do keep logs of their customers because of all the fraud that happened on the internet. The logs will protect their company and business from abuse of their services and for troubleshooting purposes. The logs are kept by Kepard for 3 days.

The data that Kepard keep include an email address, time and duration of VPN connection and info in the registration form provided by the user. These details are useful in calculating the Free Premium VPN. Furthermore, Kepard keeps the email address that the user used when registering with them.

Supported Protocols

Kepard supports several protocols:

  • OpenVPN with 128-bit encryption (though their site states up to 256-bit)
  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

KepardVPN Supported Platforms

Keypad supports major operating systems in the market, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Because of this, you can install Kepard VPN software on your computer (desktop or laptop), Mac, Linux-based computers, Android phones and tablets, and iPhones, iPad and iTouch.

IP Addresses

Kepard provides shared IP address. This type of IP address provides security because your traffic will be mixed with all the traffic of all users. Hence, it will be impossible to identify the exact user.

Server Locations

Kepard VPN has servers in 8 different countries in the Americas and Europe. With servers in major countries, you are assured that there is a server near your location. It eliminates the lagging problem due to the distance from the server. Here is the list of countries where you can find a Kepard server.


  • US
  • Canada


  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom


After the review period, we were able to determine several features that are helpful to many online users. Before paying for the package you want, you can try a one-day free trial of the VPN software. Along with the software, you get unlimited traffic and no speed restrictions.

They offer several connected protocols that are compatible with many devices in the market. You have the choice to install OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP with the help of their installation guides on their support page. They have 24/7 support team that answers your question in a timely manner.

We also liked the interface of the software, it is very good looking and easy to use for Windows devices. They also have a great Kepard Android app, which is as sleek as the computer-based VPN client.

KeparVPN Features

However, there are things that we are not so sure about the VPN provider. Firstly, they keep logs about their users’ activities. The privacy policy of Kepard is safe enough not to raise any red flag. Another thing that the provider needs improvement is their encryption. While 128-bit OpenVPN encryption is acceptable, they can do better than this and provide higher encryption.

We know that providing information is important when we sign up for their services. However, we didn’t expect that we have to provide “that much” information upon signing up. This information is kept by the provider.

Our experience with Kepard is generally pleasant. We didn’t have problems using their VPN client. However, the speed of the connection was quite slow but still on the acceptable level. Their support team is very active and their support page is easy to navigate and very informational. Definitely, Kepard is a VPN provider that has a promising future. We recommend Kepard as an alternative provider to those who are looking for quality-provider that has easy to use VPN software.

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  • Fabulous Android app
  • The windows VPN client is easy to use
  • No Speed restrictions and unlimited traffic
  • Free Trial For 15 days with Free 30minutes per day


  • Customer Support is fair
  • Less Reliability
  • NO Live chat


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