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LiquidVPN is a small VPN provider in Michigan, United States that offers exciting and unusual products. The “Modulating IP” technology is one of the marks of this company. The technology involves constantly changing the IP address of the user so that it would be difficult to track their actions or activities on the Internet. It is a custom VPN client that can be customized using downloadable scripts to increase functionality.

In LiquidVPN reviews, we will examine several features of the VPN client and provider to determine whether it is a good alternative to use by people who seek security and privacy in their online activities. The features or aspects that we are going to examine include pricing and packages, customer support and technical aspects.

LiquidVPN Site

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On the technical side, we will check the speed and performance of the VPN. Also, we will check the logs and privacy policies, supported protocols, supported devices and operating systems, IP addresses and servers.

Pricing and Packages

Liquid VPN comes in different packages. The major difference comes in the pricing of the packages. As a customer, you can choose to get the package through subscription or one-time payment. The features of the packages are almost identical except for the added LiquidIPS feature that comes in the Ultimate package. The number of devices that can be connected to the VPN also varies.

LiquidVPN Pricing Plans

All packages have these features:

  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • LiquidDNS
  • NAT Firewall
  • Port Forwarding
  • IP Modulation
  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • OpenVPN
  • Shared IP Addresses
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Liquid Viscosity
  • LiquidIPS
  • Smart Content Streaming

Subscriptions for these packages come in month to month, semi-annual and annual terms.

Turnkey VPN solutions are also available.

Sidekick package

LiquidVPN Sidekick Payment

The SideKick package allows you to connect up to two devices. It costs $7 per month for month to month subscription. You have to pay $32 for a semi-annual subscription, and $54 for an annual subscription.

Road Warrior package

LiquidVPN RoadWarrior Payment

The Road Warrior package allows you to connect up to 4 devices. It costs $10 per month for month to month subscription. You have to pay $50 for a semi-annual subscription, and $84 for an annual subscription. This is the most popular package from Liquid VPN.

Ultimate package

LiquidVPN Ultimate Payment

The Ultimate package allows you to connect up to 8 devices. It costs $18 per month for month to month subscription. You have to pay $120 for a semi-annual subscription, and $151 for an annual subscription.

No Subscription

This is a package where you have to make a one time payment. The features of No Subscription package include:

  • Connects up to 3 devices
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • LiquidDNS
  • NAT Firewall
  • Port Forwarding
  • IP Modulation

The price of the package will depend on the length of time you want to avail.

  • 5 days pass – $2
  • 30 days pass – $30
  • 180 days pass – $40
  • 365 days pass – $75

Turnkey VPN Solutions

This package allows you to connect to dedicated servers. There are three accounts under this package. You can choose to get a Private Server Italian IP for $27.30, Dedicated UK IP for $13 or Dedicated NL IP for $13. Their website states that the prices are monthly payment, but further checking revealed that the quotes are for annual subscription.

This package includes outstanding features, as follows:

  • Connect Up To 2 devices
  • Connect To Any Server
  • LiquidDNS
  • IP Modulation
  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • OpenVPN
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Dedicated IP Type
  • Dedicated IP Port Forwarding
  • Shared IP Addresses
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Add-ons and Extras
  • Liquid Viscosity
  • LiquidIPS (for an added fee of $3)
  • Smart Content Streaming

You can also avail for a LiquidVPN trial before subscribing to their service. All you have to do is contact their sales support for details.

Payment Options

There are several methods you can use when paying for your LiquidVPN account. Bitcoin is an accepted payment method. Also, major credit cards are also accepted by LiquidVPN, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PayPal is another payment option. You may also pay for Cash.

LiquidVPN Payment Option

You can use a LiquidVPN promo code upon checkout to avail further discounts on your subscription.

Speed and Performance

We conducted our speed test using with our broadband connection. The first test was without VPN to set a benchmark on our next tests. Our test without VPN gave 55.42Mbps download, 4.32Mbps upload and 35ms ping. This is a normal result in the area.

LiquidVPN Without VPN

We tested the VPN with modulating IP and connected to Netherlands server. The result was shocking with 42.11Mbps download, 3.92Mbps upload and 86ms ping. We tested the Netherlands server without VPN and got satisfactory results.

LiquidVPN With VPN

We connected to a UK server and test the speed. We were disappointed to see that the results were almost similar to the one in the Netherlands. The extremely poor result has something to do with the modulating IPs.

We checked for DNS leaks and found nothing.

Customer Support

LiquidVPN site provides sufficient support for its customers. They provide detailed guidelines in configuring the VPN on different devices and different operating systems. They have a knowledge base page for all common topics, as well as FAQ section where answers to commonly asked questions are found.

Direct support can be acquired through sending your requests on their ticketing system. We tried using it and asked several questions. We got a reply promptly.

Logs and Privacy

LiquidVPN does not keep logs of their users, which includes IP addresses, traffic data or browsing history. They only keep connection logs that are bandwidth usage logs that they will use for refunds.

On the technology side, the Modulating IP is an innovation that clearly aims to provide additional protection to the users. Though in our tests the modulating IP affects performance, it promises genuine benefits of privacy. LiquidVPN provides OpenVPN encryption with 2048-bit RSA key encryption.

Supported Protocols

LiquidVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP connections. OpenVPN is commonly used by most devices in the market. For devices that does not support OpenVPN, you can configure it using PPTP or L2TP.

The CBC 256-bit AES comes with 2048-bit RSA key encryption is the best possible connection encryption that provides maximum security.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

LiquidVPN supports several operating systems. The following list is operating systems where you can configure OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP connections:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

LiquidVPN covers a wide range of devices. Any device running with support operating systems can be configured with LiquidVPN client.

IP Addresses

Users are safe with the type of IP addresses LiquidVPN provides. They offer Modulating IPs, which changes often. This is a new technology that aims to provide protection to the users. Also, Shared IPs are a standard. They can provide Static IPs if the customer prefers to use one.

Server Locations

LiquidVPN Servers

The exact server locations of LiquidVPN are not listed on their site. Upon using the client, we were able to see that the servers are located in the US, Europe and Canada. This is a great advantage because people from different countries are assured that they have a server in their region that they can connect. This eliminates the lag problems due to distance.


After our review period, we are able to come up with a conclusion about the VPN client. Based on technology, LiquidVPN offers a unique and exciting privacy technology, great encryption, no logs and the best VPN client. However, the same technology caused slowness of the connection, which worsen when using Modulating IPs.

Overall, our experience was pleasant. Hence, we recommend this VPN client, though be warned about the Modulating IPs.

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  • Static IPs are available
  • 100% 7days money back guarantee
  • Better Encryption
  • Better Using of shared IPs


  • Lots of personal details needed to sign up
  • Performance is poor when connection used modulationd IPs
  • Quite difficult to find info on the website


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