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A VPN is a safe network that allows users to access the internet safely. With the help of VPN, you can be assured that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will not have access to your confidential data. There are quite a few VPN service providers in the market today. My Expat Network is one of them. Here is a review of this service provider:

My Expat Network was established to provide users with the assurance that their confidential data online is well-protected against attacks from hackers. Irrespective of whether you are at home or on the go, My Expat Network’s secure route and encryption technologies ensure that your data is safe.

Now, it is possible to unblock restricted content, to view blocked television content and to browse all other restricted sites, within the comfort of your home, when you use My Expat Network’s VPN connection. This service provider believes in providing full internet freedom to its users and hence, provides uninterrupted access to content from various international websites and television shows that are otherwise blocked in the geographical location of users.

MyExpatNetwork Website

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One of the major highlights of My Expat Network is that it gives great extreme focus to geographies. It has its presence in four countries – US, UK, Australia and Canada. The servers located in each of these geographies perform differently from each other.

This segregation happened because My Expat Network wanted to give specialized services for its guests. Some users might want to visit sites and television content based in the US, while some may prefer Australian shows. So, now, you can choose the country that you need to and pay accordingly than choosing irrelevant options because they are part of a package.

There are dozens of online television sites available on My Expat Network’s VPN. Every day, new sites are being added to provide the ultimate entertainment to users who are scattered all over the world. It allows a maximum of 3 simultaneous connections at a time, which proves to be a great blessing for you if you are looking for a private connection for your family.

For the same fee, up to 3 members can use the connection at any given point of time. Hence, you get full value for your money. My Expat Network also provides you unlimited bandwidth, which means there is no ceiling on the data that you get to enjoy on a daily basis.

The set-up process is a breeze as well, as the instructions mentioned on its website are quite clear and self-explanatory. Since you get exclusive location-based services, you get access to a large number of shows from that area than most of the other service providers.

Pricing plans and discounts

The pricing structure of My Expat Network is entirely different from other VPN service providers. It charges its users according to the location they choose and according to the device they choose.

Here are the details:
UK server

MyExpatNetwork UK Pricing  For PC/Mac/Routers – £5 per month, £14.25 per quarter, £27 for six months and £48 per year
 For Tablets/Mobiles – Same as above

MyExpatNetwork UK Pricing For All  For all devices – £8 per month, £22.80 per quarter, $43.20 for six months and £76.80 per year

US Server

MyExpatNetwork US Pricing  For PC/Mac/Routers – $5per month, $14.25per quarter, $27 for 6 months and $48 per year
 For Tablets/Mobiles – Same as above

MyExpatNetwork US Pricing For All  For all devices – $12 per month, $34.20per quarter, $64.80 for 6 months and $115.20 per year

Canada Server

MyExpatNetwork CA Pricing  For PC/Mac/Routers – C$10per month, C$28. 50per quarter, C$54 for six months and C$96 per year
 For Tablets/Mobiles – Same as above

MyExpatNetwork CA Pricing For All  For all devices – C$16per month, C$45. 60per quarter, C$86. 40 for 6months and C$153. 60 per year

Australia Server

MyExpatNetwork AU Pricing  For PC/Mac/Routers – A$10per month, A$28. 50 per quarter, A$54 for six months and A$96 per year
 For Tablets/Mobiles – Same as above

MyExpatNetwork AU Pricing For All  For all devices – A$16per month, A$45. 60per quarter, A$86. 40for 6 months and A$153. 60 per year

My Expat Network doesn’t offer free trials; however, they offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee, which gives users ample time to test its services.

Speed and reliability of My Expat Network

When connected to the UK server, My Expat Network produced a speed of 4.47Mbps, just a tad lesser than the speed of 4.92Mbps achievable before connecting to the VPN. Through this network is not the fastest in the market, it doesn’t cause any hindrances to users while watching videos or downloading files. Thus, it scores reasonably well in this regard.

Speed without My ExpatVPN

Speed without My ExpatVPN

Speed with My ExpatVPN

Speed with My ExpatVPN

Customer support

A third party known as Zendesk takes care of the customer service operations of My Expat Network. Customer support is not available 24/7; however, one can ask queries through emails. Though the TAT (Turn Around Time) is 24hours, replies usually come within 36 hours, which isn’t great, but not too bad either.

MyExpatNetwork Contact Support

This is one area that this service provider should try to improve; it speaks a lot about their credibility. Also, if you are having trouble installing this VPN’s software, My Expat Network asks you if their technical experts can install it for you. If you say yes, you will have to pay a fee of £25 towards service charges. (We are talking about connecting to UK server here, so the charges are mentioned in sterling pounds).

Logs and logging activity

In its privacy policy, My Expat Network states that it doesn’t maintain user logs. However, it has admitted to maintaining connection logs and that it tracks the bandwidth utilization of its users. There is a slight ambiguity regarding this policy and we can only hope that the service provider will edit these rules shortly. On the face of it, there is no clear explanation for the kind of logs that are maintained.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices


My Expat supports OpenVPN for computers and L2TP/IPSec for mobiles.

Operating systems and devices

MyExpatNetwork Supported Devices

This service provider currently supports devices that run on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and Mac operating systems and also DD-WRT devices.

Amount of IPs

My Expat supports shared and dynamic IP addresses, currently.

Server locations

MyExpatNetwork Server Location

There are currently over 120 servers located in 4 countries – US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Payment Option

MyExpatNetwork Payment Option

PayPal payments and credit card payments are currently approved by My Expat Network.


My Expat Network is one of a kind as we have not heard any other service provider offering location-based services and pricing structure. Since the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, experts feel that there is no risk in trying out its services. Installation and setup of this VPN are quite easy; therefore, it is highly recommended. There is quite a high price disparity between the US and UK servers, which is a cause of concern.

MyExpatNetwork Software

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Nevertheless, we need to try it out to see if they are indeed offering anything in addition to what other service providers are offering, for the steep prices that they charge. In important matters relating to data privacy, internet speed and security protocols, this VPN have performed rather well. If the team could work on improving the efficiency of its customer service department and could organize its website better, it could go a long way and prove to be a good competition for some of the already established names in this industry.


  • Download Performance is Good
  • Various Packages for Each Countries


  • Speed is Fair
  • Fair Customer Services


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