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VPN services are an efficient tool if you want to protect yourself from mass surveillance and to overcome the internet restrictions. Numerous large and small players in the VPN sector have been providing an excellent service for a long time.

Perfect Privacy is one among the young players in the VPN service area. The company was founded in 2008 in Switzerland with the objective to make use of the most modern technology to offer maximum online security for users. The Perfect Privacy Company is run by independent individuals and private firms from different parts of the world.

Perfect Policy VPN Website

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Perfect Privacy offers super fast server in around 24 countries and it lets users navigate the net without being monitored by anyone or any agency. The company is known for its discrete services and functioning; the brand develops its VPN solutions all by itself without the involvement of any third parties.


Perfect Privacy offers VPN services in 5 packages-

Perfect Policy VPN Pricing & Plan
• 1-month subscription – At the price of € 16,49
• 3-month subscription – At the price of € 14,98 /month (€ 44,95 for 3 months)
• 6-month subscription – At the price of € 14,16 /month (€ 84,95 for 6 months)
• 12-month subscription – At the price of € 12,50 /month (€ 149,95 for one year)
• 24-month subscription – At the price of € 10,41 /month (€ 249,95 for two years)
If you are using the PaySafeCard, then you will have to bear an additional charge of € 11,25 to € 20 due to high commissions. The company also does not offer any refund or trails for the service.


By using this service provider, you can connect with most of the locations. If the locations are too far, then you might want to take advantage of the IPSEC and the Open VPN to get better speed. Several tests run so that the IPSEC is usually far speedier than the Open VPN. It touches 100 Mbps smoothly in numerous locations.

The Open VPN reaches only up to 50 – 70 which is significantly smaller when compared to the IPSEC. The tests also showed a fall in speed when the multi-hop features were deployed; the speeds dropped between 20 – 30 Mbps when two hops were used, and it further declined to 3 to 5 Mbps when four hops were used.
Perfect Policy Speed TestWithout VPN

Speed Without Perfect Privacy

Perfect Policy Speed Test With VPN

Speed With Perfect Privacy

The multiple-hop features affect the speed as well as the CPU usage. Apart from the few glitches in the speed, perfect privacy delivers a standard and reliable service.


Perfect Privacy has a very informative and easy to use website. The website can be viewed in English or German. You can contact them email to communicate your queries. You will receive perfect replies instantly. They also have an active forum with German and English speaking users.

The FAQ section features all the answers to all the basic questions that I might have regarding the VPN service. The section titled HELP on the bottom left of the website provides detailed guidance on using the Perfect Privacy service.

Perfect Policy VPN Contact Support

Users also have the option of a remote assistance which can be acquired with the Teamviewer. The only drawback of their customer support was the absence of Live Chat.


The most attractive feature of Perfect Privacy is its privacy policy which clearly informs that the company does not store any personal user data, log activities or any internet user activity data. In its terms and conditions page, you can see that the company strictly prohibits that sharing of accounts.

The only data secured by the company are-
• Login credentials
• Email address
• Account expiration date


Perfect Privacy supports the OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH2, L2TP/IPsec and the IPsec/IKEv2.

The Open VPN is the most trusted and safest encryption protocols. It is an open-source software application that uses techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in bridged or routed configurations and remote access facilities.

The PPTP protocol does not explain the authentication features or encryption and depends on being tunneled to execute the security function. The use of PPTP is to ensure the safety levels and provide remote access levels.

The IPSEC does not require any additional software since it is compatible with most of the operating system. This comes in handy when you need great speed. An IPSec connection is usually speedier and requires less CPU power when compared to an OpenVPN connection.

The SSH2 tunnel offers the maximum flexibility and can be put to use to tunnel the traffic.


Perfect Policy VPN Supported Devices

The Perfect Privacy VPN service supports all the devices that run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android and it includes personal computers, gaming devices, and TV devices. In short, it performs well on devices that are compatible with the protocols of Perfect Privacy.


There are no data available on the number of IPs. The company covers the real IP address from hackers and threats by switching the actual IP address with a shared address. This helps to protect your identity from threats and hackers who would otherwise make the wrong use of your personal details.


They manage 39 privacy servers in almost 23 countries. They have placed a significant number of sites in several parts to expand their coverage and to improve the VPN network performance.

Perfect Policy VPN Server Location

• The Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil, Panama
• Europe: Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey
• The Middle East & Africa: Egypt, Israel
• Asia/Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore


It supports most of the widely used operating systems such as PC, Mac, and Linux.


Perfect Privacy ensures numerous convenient online payment options. Users can make quick and hassle-free payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, EgoPay, Neteller, Perfect Money, WebMoney, and PaySafeCard. As mentioned above, be careful while PaySafeCard as it involves additional charges.


As with any other VPN service provider, the Perfect Privacy also has its pros and cons.


• It is easy to use and is a stable software for Windows. It is tailored to some of the best features
• It has unlimited connections
• Compatible with all operating systems
• Support for SSH, SOCKS, and Proxy
• User-friendly software
• Offers servers in numerous locations
• Offers unlimited bandwidth
• Increased data privacy through the Multi-Hop VPN feature.
• Accepts Bitcoin Payments
• No need for submitting customer data, no logs policy.
• Great Speed
• Fast and Informative support


• It is very expensive
• No refunds are available

Perfect Privacy is a fantastic VPN server that lets you connect to the public hotspots without compromising your personal data and safety. The stellar encryption protocols protect your privacy while you surf online. Although a bit on the pricey team this VPN service is worth every penny since it provides the best protection online and gains you access to all the restricted sites.

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  • Awesome Speed And Performance
  • Informative and Fast Customer Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Supported For All OS
  • Servers Available in Many locations


  • Money Back Gurantee Not Available
  • Cost is Quite Expensive


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