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We are living in a world where cyber crimes are on the rise. Confidential data that we browse on the Internet is prone to attacks from hackers. This is where we need a secure network known as the VPN. Many VPN companies assure users of 100% online data privacy. PrivateVPN is one of them. Let us see some details about this service provider in this article.

Established during 2009, PrivateVPN is based out of Sweden and is owned by the Swedish web company, iLandsgruppen. Ever since its inception, PrivateVPN has honored its commitment to providing users with complete freedom and security to browse the Internet. PrivateVPN uses the highest degree of security protocols and encryptions to protect your browsing history. Recently, the service provider underwent a major transformation regarding its services, website design, and features. It is expected to come up with attractive services shortly.

PrivateVPN Website

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PrivateVPN provides the option of anonymous IPs, which makes it difficult for anyone to trace your identity and track your surfing details. It has a reasonably good global presence and a great internet speed. Therefore, you can now enjoy your favorite international television shows that are banned in your respective countries, thanks to PrivateVPN’s secure and private network. It is every easy to set up this network on your devices as it is compatible with many networks.

You can connect four devices simultaneously to this network and can browse with full anonymity. When you connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi hot spot on a public network, you don’t have to fret while doing confidential transactions. PrivateVPN’s network saves you from all kinds of online frauds as it encrypts your data in such a way that hackers find it impossible to break into your content.

Pricing plans and discounts

The pricing plans of PrivateVPN are very simple. Please see below for details:

PrivateVPN Pricing & Plans
 Monthly plan – 7 euros
 Quarterly plan – 18 euros, which comes to 6euros per month, resulting in 16% savings
 Annual plan – 66 euros, which comes to 5.5 euros per month, resulting in around 27% savings

For users who are interested in a free trial, PrivateVPN offers a 24-hour free trial as well. You can request PrivateVPN if you are interested in testing its services. It then sends you a private code, which you can enter into your system to access the network’s benefits for a day.

One day is usually enough for people to understand about network quality, data confidentiality, and internet speed. If you are satisfied with these features (you will be!), you can opt for a longer subscription plan, based on your usage. PrivateVPN scores quite low when it comes to refund policies. The company neither mentions about a refund policy, nor a money-back guarantee on its website.

Speed and reliability of PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is rated quite highly in matters internet speed. All its global servers performed excellently well and produced only slight drops in geographies that required stricter encryption procedures. The UK server reported a speed of 19.16Mbps; Sweden server reported a speed of 17.54Mbps; Netherlands server reported a speed of 19.22Mbps, and when used with TUN files, the speed was 19.09Mbps for the UK server and 16.50Mbps for the Netherlands server. All of these are above average numbers and prove to be great for users who are interested in streaming videos and playing games.

PrivateVPN Speed Of UK Server

Speed of the UK Server

Private VPN sweden server speeed

Speed of the Sweden Server

Private VPN netherland server speed

Speed of the Netherland Server

PrivateVPN Speedtest using TUN Netherland

Speed Test Using TUN in Netherland

PrivateVPN Speedtest using TUN UK

Speed Test Using TUN in UK

Customer support

Yes, PrivateVPN doesn’t offer telephonic customer support 24/7. However, its live chat and email options are more than helpful that the absence of a direct contact number doesn’t seem to be a big problem at all.

PrivateVPN Customer Support

You can post all your queries to their email address, and you will get back replies within the same day itself. Most of the times, Live Chat remains active, and you will find a representative from PrivateVPN waiting to help you. At times, when the chat shows offline status, you can choose the email option.

Logs and logging activity

This is probably one of the best features of PrivateVPN. In a bid to provide utmost safety to users’ online data, it doesn’t store any user logs or connectivity logs. As per the statement released by the website, the only details that are stored in the database are the email addresses, passwords, and names of users. Even these names are in an encrypted form, and only the secure network is aware of these details.

This VPN doesn’t publish these details to any external source. Sweden is a part of EU, which has many strict laws about internet confidentiality. Nevertheless, it doesn’t apply to the VPN directives. PrivateVPN, based out of Sweden, thus, has the liberty not to store user logs. Hence, users can be assured of more than 100% confidentiality of their online data.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices


OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec or PPTP connections are supported by PrivateVPN’s servers. However, the company recommends using only OpenVPN as it is one of the safest and updated protocols available today. P2P downloading is possible with this network, but there is a catch here. PrivateVPN advises its users to do this only from its Sweden-based server. The OpenVPN connection uses 128-bit encryption with 2048bit keys, and PPTP connection uses 128-bit encryption keys.

Operating systems and devices

Private VPN Supported OS

OpenVPN network is compatible with Linux and Windows. For Android, iOS and Mac, one has to use L2TP/IPSec connections. It is not sure whether OpenVPN network is not available on these common operating systems. Since the company and its system have undergone a complete up gradation process, we are only expecting to see OpenVPN network open for Android, iOS and Mac as well.

Amount of IPs

PrivateVPN offers a shared IP system, which makes it very difficult (almost impossible) to match a particular individual with his/her browsing history. This is just one more step in PrivateVPN’s effort to provide complete security to users regarding their online data.

Server Locations

PrivateVPN Server Location

Currently, PrivateVPN has about 33 servers spread across 16 countries around the globe. The countries where you can spot these servers are in Australia, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Brussels, Germany, Finland, Italy, Norway, Russia, US, Canada, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Poland, and Sweden.

Payment options

Private VPN Payment Method

You can pay for PrivateVPN’s subscription using PayPal, Payson Direct, Plimus and through Bitcoins. The last method is suitable for those who wish to make anonymous transactions.


PrivateVPN satisfies some of the basic requisites expected out of a VPN like high-speed internet, no user logs, unblocking blocked content and great security protocols. However, the major drawback is the ambiguity that revolves around the fact whether it OpenVPN connection is compatible with Android, iOS and Mac platforms. If these platforms are not supported, it is a serious problem for PrivateVPN as it may lose many users.

We can only hope that this is correct and updated shortly. Barring this, PrivateVPN seems to be a great network for protecting users’ online data from being hacked or misused. It comes with a 24-hour free trial as well, which gives you a reasonable time to test its services before you put your money in it. In a nutshell, PrivateVPN is highly recommended, if it corrects its network and makes it more compatible with all the operating systems that are available currently.

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  • Better no logs policy
  • Good Server Information on the Website
  • We can connect up to four devices at a time


  • Performance is fair


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