PureVPN Review

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    Speed and Performance

    We conducted our usual speed tests using our broadband connection. The first speed test was conducted without PureVPN connection. The result showed 9.63Mbps download speed, 3.43Mbps upload speed and 36ms ping. This is our benchmark result under 15Mbps, which is standard for this location.

    PureVPN Speedtest 1

    We tested the VPN connection using London server using PPTP connection. Using the London server, we got a speed test result of 8.76Mbps download, 0.96Mbps upload and 44ms ping. The speed was acceptable, so we tried using the L2TP connection.


    PureVPN PPTP

    Using L2TP, the speed test results revealed 8.33Mbps download speed, 0.79Mbps upload speed and 76ms ping. As you can see, the speed drops when this connection. This result may be a little slow but it is still acceptable for day to day use.


    PureVPN L2TP

    Lastly, we tested the L2TP connection whilst connected to a US server. The speed test result showed 6.23Mbps download speed, 0.23Mbps upload speed and 75ms ping. Again, this is a little slow because of the distance from the server, but still an acceptable speed.

    Also, we checked for DNS leaks. PureVPN is clean from any DNS leaks. We performed several DNS leaks checks on several instances and found none.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Excellent client software
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • 7 Day Cash Back Guarantee


  • OpenVPN support is available only in beta
  • Fair Reliablity


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