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There are lots of VPN service providers in the market today. Needless to say, the competition is quite tough. Service providers need to do something unique to sustain in this industry. The safer VPN review is one company that has earned a good reputation for itself because of its user-friendly services and features. Let us read the review of Safer VPN herewith:

Based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, Safer VPN was established during 2013 and has been doing a more than reasonable job of protecting the privacy and security of its users. Its main aim is to enable its users to get access to Geo-restricted content from many countries across the globe, right from the comfort of their homes. It is very easy to set up and comes with lots of security levels. The data that you browse passes through several encryption levels. Therefore, you can be assured of the confidentiality of your data, when you use this service provider.

Safer VPN has a good international presence which speaks volumes about the reliability of its servers. So, if you register for its services, you will get exclusive access to restricted television content and other restricted sites from all over the world.

SaferVPN Website

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Safer VPN provides a great tunnel kind of an encryption system for users’ data, thereby making it difficult for hackers, government authorities and other snoopers from accessing these details. It removes all kinds of virus attacks, phishing scams, and all other potential cyber-threats that your data are exposed to, with the help of strict controls and encryption. This network also takes care to hide details about users’ location. It will make you look like you belong to the country, whose server you have chosen.

Though it was established only during 2013, Safer VPN has been getting positive reviews for its performances from technical experts. This is because it provides unlimited bandwidth, easy options to change servers as and when required, support for various operating systems and devices, 24/7 customer support, transparent services and easy installation.

When you use this network for browsing Geo-restricted content on the internet, Safer VPN, makes your IP address anonymous and puts its shared/dynamic IP address in that place. So, it becomes impossible to trace your identity to a particular browsing activity. One of the best proofs for Safer VPN’s drive for anonymity lies in the fact that this service provider has accepted bitcoins as one of its payment modes. Bitcoins, one of the most reputed crypto-currencies in the world today, is the safest ways to pay coins digitally within minutes.

Pricing plans and discounts

Like most of its counterparts, Safer VPN offers three different kinds of pricing structures as follows:

SaferVPN Pricing & Plans

• Monthly plan – $7.50per month
• Half-yearly plan -$34.94, which comes to $5.82per month
• Annual plan – $59.99, which comes to just about $4.99 per month, resulting in 60% savings

For those who would like first to see how the services are before investing in the same, this service provider provides a 24-hour free trial period. There is also a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Safer VPN’s services within this time limit, the company reimburses the full amount to you, without asking any questions.

Speed and reliability of Safer VPN

Safer VPN is undoubtedly one of the best service providers regarding internet speed. When tested without the VPN, the speed was about 11.58Mbps. When servers of Safer VPN were connected, the speed dropped very marginally to 10.50Mbps, which is an impressive number, indeed. Considering the range in which data travels on this network and the encryption levels that it passes through, this is one of the above average service providers in the industry today.

SaferVPN Speedtest without VPN

Speed Without SaferVPN

SaferVPN Speed with VPN

Speed Without SaferVPN

Customer support

SaferVPN Customer Support

You can reach out to a customer service executive at Safer VPN, through Live Chat, 24/7, 365 days a week. This is one of the strongest points of this network. In rare cases, when you are not able to connect through the chat option, you can always send an email to their support department. You will get back a reply within a very quick time.

Logs and logging activity

If there is one area which could put off confidentiality loving users from using Safer VPN’s services, it could be this. According to the privacy policy of the company, it does maintain “some connection logs,” though it is not clearly known as to what kind of information is maintained in the servers of Safer VPN. However, this doesn’t seem to be a cause of concern for users who are not dealing in illegal online activities.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices


There are three kinds of protocols that Safer VPN supports. They are a) the much-preferred OpenVPN, which is powered by 256-bit encryption keys, b) L2TP/IPSec, which is powered by a 256-bit encryption keys and c)PPTP, which is powered by 128-bit encryption keys.

Operating systems and devices

SaferVPN Supported devices

Safer VPN is compatible with devices like iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 8.1, Chromebook, DD-WRT router and Tomato router. The operating systems that it supports are Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Android, Linux Ubuntu and Mac OSX.

Amount of IPs

Safer VPN offers 5000+ IP addresses for its users to make their identities anonymous.

Server location

SaferVPN Server Location

Currently, Safer VPN has over 400+ VPN servers located across 30 countries, providing a wide scope of data to browse for users. Countries where you can find Safer VPN’s servers are USA, UK, India, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, France, Singapore, New Zealand, Belgium, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Russia, Romania, Brazil, Canada, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Israel, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy and Hungary.

Payment option

Safer VPN accepts the following payment options:

SaferVPN Payment Method Credit card
 PayPal
 Bitcoins
 Other modes like MOL, Mint, etc.


Safer VPN seems to score quite highly in most of the aspects and hence it is one of the highly recommended service providers today. The only major flaw seems to be in the fact that it doesn’t support P2P torrent due to security issues and global laws.

However, the other features compatibility with various platforms, above average internet speed, excellent customer service, a high degree of encryption levels, a large number of servers situated across the world and easy installation process, more than make up for this shortcoming. Users can try out the network for 24 hours for free and check it on some busy public networks, Wi-Fi hotspots for signal strength, quality of video streaming, data security.

SaferVPN Software

If satisfied, a monthly plan is highly recommended, because the network comes with a 14-day money- back guarantee. You pay for 30 days and within 14 days if you are not happy with the results, you will get a refund of your money.

For the first month try a monthly subscription and if satisfied, you can opt for the longer term. At any point in time, if you have any doubts or queries, the Live Chat option on the website is always online to help you.

This gives a huge sense of relief for users who are not technical experts. One of the newer players in the market, Private VPN seems to be a fresh boost into the industry. We only have to wait and watch if it will make some updates or reconstruction shortly to survive in this competitive field.

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  • User - Friendly Interface
  • Reliable Performance
  • Chrome Extension support
  • Free Tiral Available
  • 100% Cash Back Guarantee


  • Connection Logs
  • Shortage of User Forum


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