Seems Legit – Celebrity Photoshop Fails


Different magazines are subtly giving us unrealistic body standards especially to women. Most often or not, they edit photos of the cover girls to look more polished and closer to looking like a plastic barbie doll. This manner is to draw attention to the image rather than the content.

Most of the pictures we come across with make us feel insecure about our image. But, in this digital age, the secrets have been revealed. It’s PHOTOSHOP that alters celebrities’ images. In Hollywood, it’s already a common thing. But some are just too obvious. Here are examples of that photoshop fails.


Straight from the model’s mouth, her edited photograph made her feel uncomfortable. She’s already happy with her raw image. The edited version made her look ultra skinny by toning her hips and legs and eventually losing her curves. Good for her she was able to sort it out.




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