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Watching your favorite shows on Netflix from countries other than the USA can sometimes be impossible. You probably can’t seem to enjoy your favorite shows anymore due to access blocking by Netflix. This is because producers have rights and sell them to different country distributors. If your particular country distributor doesn’t have the rights, you will not watch the show. You may have resorted to using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and you probably get an error message each time on your streaming media. Yes, you can use VPN to access all your favorite programs and shows on Netflix.


The question is, which VPNs will allow you full access? You need to understand with today’s Internet Security, free VPNs are easily flagged and blocked almost immediately. You need to get more powerful and under the radar VPN providers in order to get actual real access to Netflix. Below are your best choices.

If you want to access Netflix USA, this is the best option for you out there. would highly recommend it seeing that it has been flawless since we started using it just over a year ago. Why do we love ExpressVPN so much? Well, here are the reasons why:
• It is very easy to set up and use, even on a device with Linux.
• Its performance is over the top perfect, and you never experience any hiccups.
• You actually get a 30-day free trial, how cool is that.
• It’s relatively cheap, $12.95 per month and $99.95 for the whole year.

TorGuard is great because it gets you a personal dedicated IP address, this makes it your safest choice when it comes to VPNs. Netflix can figure out shared IP addresses, that’s why free VPNs never work any of the time. When you use TorGuard it will be so difficult to determine whether you are using VPN or not, you will be connected for so long.
• Difficult to set up, but very much worth it.
• Best performance when compared to any other.
• Works from all countries.
• You pay a little bit higher, around $18 per month, since you get your own IP address.

StrongVPN would recommend it when you need to access Netflix from either UK, Canada or the USA. It has always been able to bypass Netflix internet security since the beginning, and everyone that uses it has nothing but positive news to say about it. Below are the reasons all StrongVPN users love it so much.
• It actually has apps for MAC, iOS, Android, and Windows. Maybe a little difficult to set up, you need to properly follow the setup guide but it is worth it.
• It has great performance for both USA and UK servers, streaming 1080p perfectly. If you use the Canadian servers you may need to downgrade to 720p
• Extremely cheap coasting only $10 per month and $70 for the whole year.

It works with so many countries compared to any other VPN out there. tested it, and it seemed to work fine in almost every country tried.
• Supports Windows, Android, MAC, and iOS.
• You get a list of working servers and you just need to pick one.
• Works in the following countries, Canada, UK, France, USA, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Netherlands.
• It goes for the same price as the StrongVPN but has offers from time to time.

Other VPNs you may use
The VPNs mentioned earlier are the very best. If for some reason you don’t want to use any of them, here is a list of other VPNs that may not be perfect but can help you.
1. VyprVPN
2. Buffered VPN
3. NordVPN
Below are VPNs you can’t use on Netflix
1. SurfEasy
2. IPVanish
3. TunnelBear
4. PrivateInternetAccess
5. HideMyAss
6. PureVPN

NordVPN Best VPN Service
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