Strongvpn Review

StrongVPN is a large US-based VPN provider that is both popular and high-profile. It is highly popular with many people, especially those who are on a tight budget. However, there are things that you have to check whether or not this is indeed a cheap VPN provider. This StrongVPN review would examine several factors and features to determine whether it is a fit alternative to use.

The factors that we are going to examine will revolve on price, customer service and technical aspects of Strong VPN. It will touch the speed, security, servers, protocols, IP addresses and supported devices.

Pricing and Packages

If you take a look at the packages, there are several “packages” that you can avail. StrongVPN offers lite, standard and deluxe packages. While the cheapest package is priced at $7 per month, it is basically very basic and only a PPTP package. PPTP is very insecure, so you might want to choose the OpenVPN for added security and privacy. However, the lite package for OpenVPN is at $10 per month.


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Using PPTP is only suitable for accessing Geo-restricted content. Comparing the lite packages, we think that choosing the OpenVPN is a better option than the lite PPTP package. Getting the OpenVPN package from StrongVPN is expensive. There are other VPN provider that offers the same package for less than the price that the company offers.

As mentioned earlier, StrongVPN is expensive. With the lite OpenVPN package, you are only able to access servers from the United States. If you want to access servers from different countries, then you have to get the deluxe package, which is priced at $20 per month.

They also offer the Premium package, which is the most expensive at $30 per month. This package allows access to all servers from all countries. It also supports PPTP and OpenVPN. Those who are outside the US, their cheapest option is the $20 monthly account that they can realistically choose in order to use the services of StrongVPN.

Both Deluxe and Premium packages give access to international servers. Their only difference is the number of switches allowed. For out-of-plan switches, there are extra fees charged to the user.

On top of the package they offer, they also have add-ons. For example, StrongDNS provides a solution that allows users to stream US and UK content from anywhere in the world. You have to pay an additional $5 for DNS package.

They have ‘special’ packages you can avail. Also, users may also get the ‘ala carte’ on top of their package. Ala Carte allows you to add a particular city that you want to avail. For PPTP, an additional fee of $9 per city will be charged, while $12 per city for OpenVPN is charged.

A down side of strongVPN is that they do not have a monthly package. You have to pay for a 3-month package for your account. If you are going to get the deluxe package, then you have to pay an upfront amount of $60. That’s a lot of money!

You can also get a VPN router package. The router that comes in the package is already preconfigured. However, it is an expensive package.

They do not offer a free trial period. However, they have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Discounts and special prices

StrongVPN offers discounts to their existing customers. StrongVPN coupon is not available for customers to use. To avail the discount, the customer needs to make reviews about the app in various social media. Certain conditions apply before a customer is granted a discount. A $15-dollar discount is given to those who can refer a friend to StrongVPN.

There is no limit to the number of friends that a customer can refer. In order to claim the referral discount, the customer needs to contact their customer support so that they can get their strongvpn discount code or strongvpn promo code, which they can use upon the renewal of their account.

Payment method

StrongVPN accepts several payment methods. They accept bank transfers and Bitcoin. For those who are solely using internet payment method, PayPal is also accepted.

StrongVPN Payment

They also accept major credit cards, such as:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard


To check the speed of StrongVPN, we tested its performance using 20GB broadband. The OpenVPN package was put to test using several European servers. Without VPN, the speed test is at 20.65Mbps, which is standard and acceptable.

Strong VPN SpeedTest1

Without VPN

Strong VPN SpeedTest 2

With VPN

The speed of the connection with VPN using a UK server is at 18.11Mbps. The Netherlands server showed a disappointing result at 11.89Mbps. Using the Swedish server gives a 16.45Mbps result. We tried several other servers in Europe and the results range from 16Mbps to 18Mbps.

Other than the Netherlands slow speed, the servers we’ve tested showed favorable results.

Customer Support

StrongVPN provide a professional and quick support to the customer. The site and support of StrongVPN is available in several languages, including English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. This shows professionalism and an international air for customers.

The website has an FAQ section where you can find answers to basic questions regarding their services and some technical questions. However, the section is not overly informative. Users need to contact their live customer service representative for concerns that are not available in their FAQ section.

StrongVPN Customer Support


Their live support is available 24/7 and respond to customer questions quickly. Their live support is available in multiple languages. Though their live support is not very tech savvy, they have an expert to handle your call when it is a highly technical matter.

The Team Viewer remote setup allows a StrongVPN staff to remotely log into your computer to install the app for you. This is particularly helpful to those who are not familiar with VPN installation. The Team Viewer is a nice service that is not available from other VPN provider.

StrongVPN support is available through live chat, Email system, and Voicemail for US callers. Though we have double about the technical competency of their live support, their customer service is excellent as long as the questions you are calling about is regarding sales or simple setup of their VPN.

Privacy and Logs

According to the privacy policy of StrongVPN, they keep no logs of the activities of their customers during their normal course of duties. Furthermore, they do not record, monitor or store the VPN activities of their users.

The data that StrongVPN will record include the date, time and location VPN connection was made, the length of the VPN connection and the bandwidth used for the connection. These data allow StrongVPN to enforce their Terms of Service. The records will be used to determine the concerned account in case there is a violation.

However, the information they have in their privacy policy is somewhat odd. It is a fact that the company has a reputation is very strict. In fact, if an account is detected engaging in copyright infringement and related activities, they will warn only once before they disconnect the service.

Supported Protocols

As mentioned earlier, StrongVPN supports PPTP and OpenVPN.

  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) – it uses a control channel over TCP, as well as a GRE tunnel operating to compress PPP packets.
  • OpenVPN – is an open-source software that uses VPN techniques for making secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in bridged or routed configurations and remote access facilities. OpenVPN uses a security protocol that uses SSL/TLS for key exchange.

Supported Devices

StrongVPN is compatible with many devices available in the market. It is mainly used in computers, phones and routers. Below is a short list of StrongVPN compatible devices.

  • Windows computers (desktop or laptop)
  • Mac computers
  • Windows phone
  • Android devices
  • Apple devices
  • DDWRT routers

Supported Operating Systems

StrongVPN supports 3 major operating systems:

StrongVPN Supported OS

  • Windows – StrongVPN is compatible with Windows clients. It can even be installed to older Windows versions, such as Windows 2000.
  • OS X – Mac users will not have a problem with StrongVPN as they provide full support and have an installation guidelines for Mac. Mac users can take advantage of getting a licensed copy of Viscocity, which is provided for free.
  • Android – StrongVPN android app works perfectly with android-based devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
  • IOS – iPhone and iPad users can easily use StrongVPN on their devices.
  • Linux – DDWRT is a Linux-based firmware that for wireless access points or wireless routers.

Amount of IP Addresses

StrongVPN uses share IPs so that it would be difficult to identify any user sharing the same IP address with their online activities. However, OpenVPN uses static IP’s, which means the company uses a static IP address and compromises the security of its users.

With over 400 servers all from various countries, StrongVPN has 34,756 IPs that a user can use to have a safe and secured online experience.

Here is the breakdown of the number of IP’s of StrongVPN per country:

  • USA – 23,115 IP’s
  • United Kingdom – 3,223 IP’s
  • Netherlands – 1,399 IP’s
  • Canada – 1,761 IP’s
  • Germany – 1,094 IP’s
  • Hong Kong – 749 IP’s
  • Switzerland – 254 IP’s
  • Norway – 168 IP’s
  • Russia – 345 IP’s
  • Luxembourg – 133 IP’s
  • France – 46 IP’s
  • Malaysia – 418 IP’s
  • Singapore – 542 IP’s
  • Italy – 53 IP’s
  • Romania – 150 IP’s
  • Czech Republic – 162 IP’s
  • Sweden – 567 IP’s
  • Japan – 267 IP’s
  • Latvia – 95 IP’s
  • Turkey – 74 IP’s
  • Mexico – 171 IP’s
  • Israel – 482 IP’s

Server Locations

StrongVPN has 485 servers in 47 cities located in 22 different countries. The following is the list of servers per country:

  • USA – 327 servers in 13 locations.
    • Chicago
    • Denver
    • San Francisco
    • St Louis
    • Buffalo
    • Dallas
    • Los Angeles
    • Atlanta
    • Miami
    • Washington, D.C.
    • New York
    • Seattle
  • United Kingdom – 84 servers in 7 locations
    • Manchester
    • Rugby
    • Livingston
    • Canterbury
    • Maidenhead
    • Nottingham
    • London
  • Netherlands – 15 servers in 1 location
    • Amsterdam
  • Canada – 15 servers in 3 locations
    • Toronto
    • Montreal
    • Vancouver
  • Germany – 10 servers in 3 locations
    • Munich
    • Dusseldorf
    • Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong – 5 servers in 1 location
    • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland – 4 servers in 2 locations
    • Basel
    • Zurich
  • Norway – 3 servers in 1 location
    • Oslo
  • Russia – 1 servers in 1 location
    • Moscow
  • Luxembourg – 2 servers in 2 locations
    • Contern
  • France –1 server in 1 location
    • Roubaix
  • Malaysia – 1 server in 1 location
    • Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore – 2 servers in 1 locations
    • Singapore
  • Italy – 2 servers in 1 location
    • Milan
  • Romania – 1 servers in 1 location
    • Ilfov
  • Czech Republic – 1 server in 1 location
    • Zlin
  • Sweden – 3 servers in 2 locations
    • Karlskrona
    • Molkom
  • Japan – 4 servers in 1 location
    • Tokyo
  • Latvia – 1 server in 1 location
    • Riga
  • Turkey – 1 server in 1 location
    • Istanbul
  • Mexico – 1 server in 1 location
    • Mexico City
  • Israel – 1 server in 1 location
    • Tel Aviv


In this StrongVPN review, we are able to make a conclusion on the positive and negative aspect of the company.


On the positive side, the company has excellent customer service options where you can reach 24/7. Also, it is a relief that they do not keep logs though their statement and privacy policy are a bit confusing.

We are also satisfied with the speed tests that were conducted. It is also a big plus for the company that they offer a preconfigured VPN router, but it is expensive. Of course, the 7-day money-back guarantee is a good feature.

On the neutral note, their technical expert did not sound like an expert. He was a cagey and didn’t seem to know what he is talking about. We give the client a neutral grade because it is simply very basic.

There are a few things that we do not like about StrongVPN. The price of the package is very expensive, even though it is just the lite package with very basic features. Also, it uses static IP addresses, making a mockery of the privacy of the users. They also have a harsh attitude towards copyright infringement.

It is definitely a negative side to have a minimum of 3 months SignUp period. A lot of people do not want to engage into 3-month period, especially if it is their first time to use the service.

The exorbitant price of the package deserve excellent service. However, their VPN service is not the best there is in the industry. StrongVPN is a good VPN provider as long as you don’t have a problem with the app. Their customer service is great, as long as you don’t ask very technical questions. When their technicians are unable to discuss their security arrangement, then it is time to search for someone who can provide security.

The privacy policy sounds very good, but the attitude of the company towards privacy gives us doubt. The performance is fine, but there’s a little inconsistency.

There are many VPN providers that offer better services than what strongVPN provide for a fraction of the price. The popularity of StrongVPN can be attributed to good PR. We suggest to avoid this company.

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  • 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • There are is no bandwidth charges and speed limits
  • 5 Days Cash Back Guarantee


  • iOS Support is bad
  • Price is too High
  • Plenty of personal details needed for signup


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