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The internet is an incredible place which is entertaining and at the same time informative. But the internet is also a hub of malicious activities and threats and it is very easy for someone to get hold of your personal details online.

And then there are government rules and regulations which prevent users from accessing certain websites. A VPN server has been in great demand to overcome all the drawbacks mentioned above.

SurfEasy VPN Website

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An effective VPN service provider like SurfEasy can help you to browse the net, stream videos and keep your identity and personal information safe and secure even when you are using an internet hotspot.
SurfEasy is based in Canada, but it has servers set up in 13 different countries all over the globe to offer efficient VPN services great internet speed and extreme privacy.


SurfEasy provides a single plan in three variations depending on your usage. You can subscribe to-

SurfEasy VPN Pricing & Plan
• One Month Subscription – It will cost you $11.99
• Six months subscription – It will cost you $8.99 per month
• One year subscription – $6.49

There is no discrimination between users who can pay more and less; both the plans have the same features. But if you subscribe for a longer time you get a better monthly discount. Users can cancel the plans at any time of the year.

They also offer a 7 – days free trial so that users can try out the server and purchase the only plan only if they are satisfied with the service.
SurfEasy provides a very reasonable and flexible pricing plan for customers, but to make use of the free trial you will need to provide them with your credit card information.


SurfEasy promises to offer super fast speed and grants access instantly to all restricted and censored content. Video streaming is very quick. However, the speeds dropped with a drop in geographical proximity. For the UK the speed test showed an average of 4Mbps, which is sufficient for browsing, gaming, video sharing and downloading files.

Since the speed is inconsistent and varies with the place, it might hurt the performance. In case you face poor performance, we suggest that you reconnect the server, and it usually helps.


Customer support is an essential part of a service provider, and an efficient customer service is very important for users who are new to a brand or service. And moreover, virtual products are bound to develop glitches over time, which can only be solved through the customer support.

SurfEasy VPN Contact Support

SurfEasy has not left any stoned unturned concerning its customer service. They offer a 24 hour online support. You can get in touch with them over the phone also during working hours to get your queries answered instantly. They also provide a ticketing system where you can submit your queries, but the replies come a little slow.


They have a zero log policy. Whatever you do on the internet is your personal matter, and SurfEasy will not keep track any of your personal details and neither will it shares any info with advertisers.

Since businesses are always looking for ways to gather online user information and the threats from hackers are on the rise, SurfEasy takes all the possible measures to safeguard your personal data.

The SurfEasy Ad Tracker cuts off the advertiser cookies at the HTTP state and eliminates the user identifying information. This enables users to browse the net without being stalked by advertisers.


The SurfEasy VPN service provider supports OpenVPN protocol, which is outstanding for protected and successful encryption of user data.


SurfEasy provides support to all the modern devices such as-

SurfEasy VPN Supported Device

• TV Devices – It is compatible with almost all the modern TV devices such as Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and Boxee amongst others
• Gaming Devices
• Personal Computers
• Smart Devices – iPhone, iPad, iPad and Android devices

Most of the other VPN service providers allow only up to two different logins, but SurfEasy allows users five simultaneous connections on different devices so that you and your other family members can use the same VPN while browsing the net.


The amount of IPs and the IP numbers are not available. SurfEasy masks your real IP address and gives you a new IP address with a new identity and a new location. This way, advertisers don’t get to you, your accounts don’t get hacked, and if you are lucky, enough you might get better deals that are not offered in your country.


It has around 900 servers which are located in 13 countries. The servers are all strategically placed to offer efficient services. The countries include-

SurfEasy VPN Server Locations • United States
• Australia
• United Kingdom
• Brazil
• Canada
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Japan
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Singapore

SurfEasy also looks forward to setting up servers in Africa and South America to ensure better VPN service for more users.


Another important to consider before investing in a VPN server is the compatibility with different operating systems. If their software is not compatible with your device, there is no point in subscribing to them.
SurfEasy works well with most of the popular Operating Systems such as Mac, Windows, and all Android systems. But please note that the SurfEasy does not support Linux.

Due their extensive compatibility, the SurfEasy is an excellent choice for home users and mobile users.


SurfEasy VPN Payment Method

It accepted payments through all the International and trusted payment channels such as PayPal, Credit Card, American Express (AMEX) and Bitcoin.


• Offers up to 5 simultaneous connections
• Compatible with most operating systems
• Worldwide selection of servers
• Referral program for data boosts
• No activity logging
• Unlimited bandwidth with paid plans
• Strongest encryption available
• Easy to set up
• User-friendly software
• Phone and e-mail support available
• Support available seven days a week
• Super-fast connection
• Low monthly rates
• Professional and upfront about their services


• Not compatible with Linux
• No refunds on VPN services
• No, live chat in customer support


SurfEasy has been in business for about five years. They have received numerous positive reviews from users and have become one of the reputed VPN service providers in a short span of time. All the services are smartly distributed over 13 countries, which makes it very efficient. The price plans are also suitable for all users. There is a no-log policy, and their privacy policy is also very transparent about not collecting any personal information.

And since they support the OpenVPN protocol their service is compatible with most of the operating system and devices. The SurfEasy VPN service provider is a wonderful choice for casual internet browsing and video streaming.

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  • Trial version available
  • Easy to setup and use
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee available
  • Multiple Connection allowed


  • Almost nothing


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