TorGuard VPN Review

TorGuard is one of the largest VPN providers in the industry. Aside from providing VPN services, it offers several services related to online security and privacy. In this TorGuard VPN review, we will examine the features of their Anonymous VPN service to determine whether it is a good alternative to use.

TorGuardVPN Site

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This review will focus on several aspects including price, speed and performance, customer support, logs and privacy and technical aspects. The technical aspects will tackle on supported protocols, supported devices and operating systems, IP addresses and server locations.

Pricing and Packages

Upon check TorGuard, we found out that they do have two forms of VPN service. The first is the normal VPN service where you install the app on your device such as computers and mobile devices. The interesting package is the VPN routers. These are pre-configured routers that customers can buy straight from the company.

TorGuardVPN Plans

TorGuard offers a 7-day money back guarantee on their packages.

Anonymous VPN Plans

TorGuard offers their Anonymous VPN service in four different packages. All the packages offer the same services. The only difference is the billing period. You can get the VPN service through monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and the yearly package.

TorGuardVPN Pricing

If you choose to pay the service on a monthly, the VPN plan costs $9.99 per month. For those who want to pay quarterly, the VPN plan costs $19.99 per 3 months. For semi-annual billing, the plan costs $29.99 per 6 months. The yearly plan costs $59.99 per year.

If you plan to use the VPN for a long time, it is best to choose a longer plan because you can get a huge amount of savings.

All the VPN plans offer similar features such as unlimited speeds and bandwidth. It allows 5 simultaneous connections. All VPN plans can avail of over 1,000 IP’s in over 41 countries. All packages support several protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP and ikev2. Customers are also provided with free viscosity VPN Software License. Stealth VPN service is also available. All plans also allow Torrents and P2P.

VPN Routers

TopGuard offers VPN routers to unblock regional contents, protect and encrypt all online traffic and secure all activities you do online. The company have pre-installed VPN routers under full warranty to make security easier for anyone who wants it.

TopGuard provides top-of-the-line brand such as Netgear, Cisco-Linksys and Belkin that are ready to use. Also, you can buy various services and plans from the store. Pre-installed VPN routers are easy to use because you won’t have to deal with the difficulties and frustration during the upgrade.

Having a pre-installed VPN router eliminates the risk of problems like choosing the wrong firmware upgrade or bricking the modem. The router has gone through rigorous inspection conducted by IT experts. VPN routers are one of the best options to protect privacy and promotes security in your online experience.

The prices of VPN routers vary depending on the brand and model of the router. You can check the TorGuard store to see various brands and models, as well as the price of the router of your choice.

Payment Options

There are over 80 payment options to choose when you buy an Anonymous VPN Service. TorGuard accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and many more. Bitcoin is also a payment option at TorGuard. PayPal is also an accepted payment option. For a complete list of payment options, you can visit their website or contact their customer support.

TorGuardVPN Payment option

Target promo code and TorGuard coupon are also accepted upon checkout. In order to get a promo code or coupon, you can check the site from time to time especially during special occasions and seasons.

Speed and Performance

To test the speed of the VPN, we used using 80 megabyte broadband connection. The first test was conducted without VPN to establish a benchmark for our next tests.

Without VPN, the speed test results revealed 65.99Mbps download, 4.33Mbps upload and 60ms ping. This result is normal in our location.
Speedtest Without TorGuard VPN

The next test, we used TorGuard VPN and connected to a US server. We used the same process to determine the speed when using the VPN. The speed test showed 59.31Mbps download, 3.86Mbps upload and 60ms ping. There is no drastic difference in the speed with and without VPN.

Speedtest with TorGuard VPN

We also conducted speed tests in TorGuard android app. We used the app and connected to the VPN server in Netherlands. The result was great giving 16.2Mbps download, 1.05Mbps upload and 30ms ping. When we connected it to a UK server, the result showed 49.4Mbps download, 2.36Mbps upload and 80ms ping.

As you can see, the speed of both VPN and mobile VPN the speeds are excellent.

Customer Support

Finding the information that you need can be done through TorGuard website. However, it can be a pain because you have to register with the website in order to gain access to the site. They also have an FAQ section, which is only useful for VPN newbies. The knowledge-base, forum is not very interactive and seem to be out of date.

TorGuardVPN Live Chat

The customer support is available through ticket system, phone and live chat. We tried using their ticket system to know the response time. The response to our requests was very slow. It took over 24 hours to answer our simple questions. Meanwhile, the chat support is very responsive and seems knowledgeable, as well as the phone support.


TorGuard has one of the kindest privacy codes. They keep no logs of the traffic, downloads and other activities of the user. Though billing information is kept, you don’t have to worry because you can pay using Bitcoin.

Supported Protocols

TorGuard supports L2TP/IPSec, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, PPTP and SmartDNS. While these protocols provide protection, we wanted to ensure that we are getting the best. After further checking, we found the OpenVPN uses either 128-bit Blowfish or AES-256 encryption, which is randomly chosen based on the server that you are connected to. AES servers use 2048-bit RSA, while Blowfish ones use 1024-bit RSA key encryption.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

TorGuard supports major operating systems in the market. It supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Furthermore, mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android are also supported.

TorGuardVPN Supported platform

In terms of devices, there are many different devices that can use TorGuard VPN including Windows computers and Mac. It can also be used in Tomato and DDWRT routers. It can also be used in Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

Amount of IP Address

TorGuard provides over 1,000 IPs from their servers in over 41 countries. They provide Dynamic, Shared IP addresses. This is an added protection to the users because it will be hard to pinpoint the exact user in case there is a need to track an activity.

Server Locations

The servers of TorGuard are located in over 41 countries. Any of these servers provide a good protection to users. Here are some of the best VPN servers of TorGuard.

TorGuardVPN Severs

  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Romania
  • USA – Dallas
  • USA – LA
  • USA – Miami
  • Norway
  • Switzerland


Overall, TorGuard provides important things that VPN is expected to do. It gives fast service and keeps no logs of the online activities. With competitive pricing, TorGuard throws in a lot of value for the price their customers pay. The TorGuard Android app is a great protection to your privacy when you are using your mobile device.

However, customer service through their ticket system is slow. The good thing is their live chat and phone support are fast and seem knowledgeable. Also, there is a good documentation on the website that can be helpful to customers trying to fix any problem on their own.

After the review, we found TorGuard highly recommended as a VPN provider.

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  • Good Speed
  • 7 Days cash back guarantee
  • Stealth servers available
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Policy is logless


  • Few security concerns
  • Incorrectly implementing VPN and Copying .AC’s API


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