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Every day, we see many new VPN service providers in the market promising a high degree of confidentiality to users’ online data. TotalVPN is one such new player that has been getting rave reviews for its performance. A review of this service provider is attached herewith:

Established only during 2014, TotalVPN is one of the relatively new players in the VPN market. It is based in the UK. However, it has managed to strike the right chords with the help of its high-quality Wi-Fi performance, above average internet speed, simplified pricing plans, strong encryption technology, free plans, excellent customer service and more. Within two years, it has managed to satisfy users from different parts of the globe. Tech experts suggest that it has all the potential to grow to greater heights and give serious competition to some of the industry’s big names in a short while from now.

TotalVPN Website

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One of the most distinctive features about TotalVPN is the quality of its servers. Yes, you read it right. We are not talking about the quantity of servers, but the quality of servers here. Though this service provider has only 30+servers, all of them are scattered across different parts of the globe. This enables users from any nook and corner of the globe to get access to blocked content from anywhere else. Internet speed is also above average, because of this geographical diversity.

Another attractive feature about this VPN is its website. It is carefully designed to answer all sorts of questions and doubts that users might have. The website is stylish and simple at the same time. TotalVPN has clearly understood that a good website reflects greatly on the reputation of any business. Therefore, it has taken enough time to develop detailed sections about various important details. Navigating the various tabs in this website is a breeze, indeed! When you are using TotalVPN’s network and get stuck midway, you have no reason to panic. All you need to do is to go to the “Troubleshooting” tab of the website and follow the instructions.

Pricing plans and discounts

You might have seen other VPN service providers offering monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual subscription plans at different rates.

TotalVPN Pricing & Plan

There is nothing of that sort with TotalVPN. There are only two types of plans – a free plan and a paid or premium plan.

What do you get in a free plan?

 Free access to TotalVPN’s secure network for life
 Limited access to 3 locations
 Restrictions on bandwidth
 Restrictions on data transfer
 Access to all security protocols
 Ability to connect to only 1 active device

What do you get in a premium plan?

 Monthly subscription rates – 6.95USD per month
 Access to servers in all 30+locations
 Unlimited bandwidth
 Unlimited data transfer
 Access to all security protocols
 Ability to connect to 3 concurrent devices
 Additional premium proxy service

TotalVPN also offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee policy. Hence, experts have a suggestion for users when it comes to choosing TotalVPN’s policies. If the free policy attracts you, you can opt for it, and it is also recommended that you use the premium plan as it gives you a money-back guarantee. This way, for the first month, you will have access to both the free plan & the premium plan. So, you will have ample time to test both the plans and choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Speed and Reliability of TotalVPN

TotalVPN is not the fastest VPN service provider; however, it does a reasonably good job in providing above average speed from all its servers. From the Hong Kong server, it reported a download speed of 4.64Mbps, which is a reasonable number. What was more important was when tested for streaming videos, TotalVPN didn’t report even a single error. This means this network is ideal for people who want to watch hassle-free videos. TotalVPN provided consistency in speeds, which makes it one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the market today.

Customer support

The Live Chat option available on the official website of TotalVPN ( is a huge blessing for people who want quick resolution for their queries. You will be thrilled to notice that your queries will be answered almost immediately by a polite and knowledgeable representative of TotalVPN, through this mode.

TotalVPN Contact Support

If this option is not live, you can send an email to their support team and got back a reply within a few hours, which is more than reasonable. Ideally, the turnaround time for customer support is 24 hours. However, replies are received well ahead of that time.

Logs and logging activity

This is one area that could be slightly worrisome for users who are expecting 100% confidentiality of their data. TotalVPN admits that it would disclose details of users if questioned by the Government and that it would bind by all legal rules governing online security. There could be a rare instance where a law enforcement agency would demand user details from TotalVPN. The company, would then, have no other choice than to oblige. In addition to this, there are some basic user logs maintained by TotalVPN, like username, email addresses, passwords, and other usual details that are stored by some other service providers as well.

Supported protocols, operating systems and devices


There are four kinds of encryption protocols available with TotalVPN. They are OpenVPN (most recommended for security purposes), IKEV2, IPSec, and PPTP. The last one (PPTP) is not advisable because it doesn’t have the required encryption levels.

Operating systems and devices

TotalVPN Supported Devices

The TotalVPN’s network is compatible with all devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac OS, Android tablets and operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS. The company is working on an app for Chromebook as well, and it may be launched soon.

Amount of IPs

TotalVPN offers close to a whopping 150 IP address just from its servers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Server locations

TotalVPN Server Locations

TotalVPN has around 30+ servers located across 30+ countries. The best thing about this service is that it has spread its services across all the seven continents as well. US, UK, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Africa, South Africa, Mumbai, Russia, etc. Are some of the diverse countries where they have a presence.

Payment options

TotalVPN accepts only credit cards as of now.


New companies always come with great promises and fresh ideas. TotalVPN is one of them. There is no harm in trying out their service as they have a free plan and a paid plan (which comes with a money-back guarantee). If you are looking for Geo-restricted from many countries across the globe, this should be an ideal choice for you. With a diverse global presence, TotalVPN promises good internet speeds and access to lots of blocked content.

However, it should work on its user log service as not many users would be comfortable with its policy of complying to the law enforcement agencies. Since it is a new kid on the block, it brings a whole new dimension to the VPN service industry. Experts highly recommend TotalVPN as it gives full value for money for its users and scores quite highly regarding its customer service and support. Since TotalVPN has huge potential to scale new heights in the coming days, it is worth putting your hard-earned money in.

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  • Good Performance
  • Reasonable Price
  • Broad Server Network


  • Customer support is a bit slow


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